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Friday, February 02, 2007

February 1: Full Moon in Leo Heightened emotions are always a feature of full Moons, and when mixed with Leo, oversensitivity is probable. The tendency is to allow your ego to have a bit more voice than it should. At its best, Leo is the sign of healthy self-expression, creativity and leadership. There is so much boldness and strength in this sign, and if you can step forward in a great way, people are sure to take notice. From now until the next new Moon on February 17, see if you can cultivate a more fun-loving, confident approach to life. Be the Sun in the center of your own solar system and shine brightly.

The full Moon. It was on the first, and is still hanging out bringing out the crazies, emotions, frustrations, yada, yada.

This is the brand new 'China Tarot', Artwork by Der Jen, and can be purchased at Lo Scarabeo. The artwork is so beautiful. The only thing I don't like is the Minor Arcana ( numbers 1-10),they are each just the images of the element. But, the Major Arcana and the Court Cards are absolutely lovely.

These are the cards I drew tonight, The Star, the Moon, and the Knave of Chalices.

I see a woman wishing, hoping, praying, for something so dear to her. She is beautiful, yet she stands alone. Wrapped in green, with the aqua colors floating around her, her heart is so open. Full, like the Moon on the next card. Then she sits, the huge golden Moon beside her, her face turned away, almost out of site. She wears little, kind of seductive, enticing, yet I see no one in this card also. In the next one, she is dressed and ready to go. She is offering her cup to someone outside the picture, her eyes are on him. I would say it's a him, as these are all watery cards, and influence out emotions. The knave would be the messenger card, so without words, she speaks. And he hears.

Pray, wait, walk. This full moon time is not the best time to do impulsive things. Just wait, the timing is coming, just not tonight. She offers her heart in a humble way, gentle, her face is finally in full view, and sweetly serene. It's all about the timing. Wait, wait.

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