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Saturday, February 17, 2007

La Temperanza-Temperance-Matiging

Last September I had journaled here, on the Death Card. I was going through the Major Arcana, became distracted, and never got around to finishing what I had started. So, today, I want to move on to the 14th Major Card, Temperance.

When you look at the placement of this card, in the line up of the 22 Major cards, it has a rather dire set of friends surrounding it. Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, Devil, and the Tower. What a group of cards to hang out with. Ugh. I looked up a Traditional meaning, from the 'Complete Book of Tarot' by Onna and Rob Docters van Leeuwen. "Life on earth is over- the process of dying commences. The wanderer is now in a stage of transition.The dimensions of time and space unite, which makes further life on earth impossible. The Angel Rapheal receives and preserves the humans essences. A dying human has no more material wishes, is calm, modest, temperate.

Racheal Pollock states, the Angel resembles the Greek goddess Iris, whose sign was the rainbow. Rainbows represent peace after the storm. The card represents moderation, balance in all things, doing the right thing, no matter what the outcome. Sometimes it means doing nothing. Simply wait. You have an Angel right here, guiding you, let her do her job. This energy brings about balance and peace. Finding a way for all things to work out, even though we have no idea how it could happen. That's why there are Angels.....here to help us. If it does mean the process of dying, and it can mean dying to many things, in many ways. Each may be hard to let go of, but time to really let it go. Feels like a death, you may have to cry, grieve, write goodbye letters. It'll be ok.

If this card was to Speak, I believe it would say.....'I am Temperance, you need me because....'

If you are really following the path of the cards, you have already been through the Hanged Man, Death, me, yet to come is the Devil and the Tower. What you cannot see ahead, I can see. You are in a great cycle of change, Alchemy. It might feel like the worst is over, but I say not. You need to rest, trust your Angel to guide you. You need to do mundane things to ground you. You may need to reach out to others, going through the same dark, sunless valleys you are trudging through.

These are other 'Temperance' cards I added, I love the symbols from them. Again, an Angel. Raphael: 'He who presides over every suffering and every wound of the Sons of Man, the Holy Raphael. 1 Enoch 40:9'. His name means,'God has healed.' Whatever you have lost, grieved over, or if you are sick, he comes to heal you. Hold you, and not leave your side as you walk through the lessons of the: devil and the tower cards. Gently leading the loin and the lamb. Calm down, relax. The Milkmaid, taking care of the cow, blending the milk and the cream together. Daily tasks that keep us focused. And the beautiful maiden, offering her gift, I wonder what the bottle holds, hot tea perhaps? Wine, or would she be holding it up to be filled by someone standing outside the card? She is gentle and has a servants heart. Every day we face death. Maybe it's in giving up on a dream, a goal. Or feeling yourself change, and knowing we have nothing in common with our friends anymore, or our family. Who are we, and what is this sorta scary place of waiting.....for what? The next card in this lineup is the Devil. Our fear. Maybe letting go of our fear? Using this time of healing in silence, as a gift. And when fear knocks on the door, we calmly walk into it's lesson, and relax. Knowing we are not alone, that beautiful Angel is right here. Always. Never are we alone. Reminds me of the song....'time.....is on your side, yes it is...'

Today I used the Universal Fantasy Tarot, The China Tarot, The Aarcheon Tarot and the Tarot of Durer. All can be purchased through Amazon.com.

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