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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I wanted to play with the cards tonight. This is the Fairytale Tarot by Karen Mahony. I love the artwork, the images, there are so many things to see on each card, if you have any imagination at all, you'll have a blast with these.
Top 10 things I see in each card...
Three of Wands: A map, a shoreline, a festive red carpet, a sword on his hip, steps going upward, ropes ready to tie something, 2 urns, one with a lid and another not, a beautifully painted table-almost hidden under the map, a person dressed and ready for an adventure.
4 of Cups: 3 very evil looking cats-winged and screeching, one wild dog, and one mangy wolf. One brilliantly lit candle, a person exhausted, a top hat with red roses on it, a dark alley, a wooden crate.
2 of Wands: A very old stone arched bridge, 3 billy goats, an evil troll, clear blue water under the bridge, lush green pasture in the distance, smooth white stones that make a road, 2 solid looking brass posts with blue decoration ornaments on the top of them, wooden slats that form the walk way over the bridge.
The King of Swords: An accomplished man, beautiful, looks kind. A huge magnificent fire bird, 6 adorned ships moving through the waters toward their goal, a small bluff at the waters edge, clear sky with white billowy clouds behind him, a crown of jewels, a very festive cloak, decorated beautifully. A red garment with with red shoes to match. Maybe these are the same Red shoes, from the Wizard of Oz, just click your heels, and you can be home.
So, how can I use these 4 cards and tell a story. Draw on the images that stand out, from the list above, and write.
Once upon a time, in a land near the ocean, a King planned a journey, sort of an adventure, and kept it secret. He had a plan, a boat, some clothes that made him stand out,( seemed he had quite an ego, and didn't know how to blend with the common people.) And a goal. He sailed away, one quiet evening, and going inland for food, it appeared he was robbed, ended up sleeping in the alley, with the wild animals. He looks like he lost his ship, and now must travel by land. He wanders into the country, thinks it beautiful. But the wild goats see him as an intruder, ugly, they look nothing like him ( and as most people see other people unlike themselves, they say they are ugly. Sad fact.) He has now lost most all of his lovely clothes, and is just in his under ware. He has turned into a creature of fear, and has become very ugly. When we fear, we are ugly, and jealous, and impulsive. He has no where to turn, hence he listens to the wise advice of the billy goat, and finally learns that wisdom comes from many sources. He gets up to follow the white stone road, where he ends up in the next card. He has found a way to find more beautiful clothes than he ever owned before, he has magical transport to take him anywhere he wishes, he has learned to use his knowledge, and manifest his wildest desires. Seems he has learned humility. He had the ability before, just needed to get out in life, sleep in the alley, get knocked around a bit, and remember who he really was. And own it. I especially like the part where he is flying high about the ships, he lifts himself up in prayer, perhaps, or faith, and is able to sail farther and faster than ever. Ah, but not alone, he has a beautiful friend to carry him about. We never accomplish anything alone, and must learn to share to pain, and share the glory. Share.
If someone ask me to do a reading, and these cards just flew from the deck......I would say to them....Remember what you longed to do with your life, your dreams, your goals, a treasure map you designed, what was it? Life has cast you about, but you have learned to listen to all wisdom, from every little sign about you. And you have the wonderful ability to do above and beyond whatever you first imagined. And whomever you may need to help you, is right there, maybe not how you envisioned them, just look a tiny bit deeper. A troll may be a King! And visualize yourself ....in the end of the story. Feel as if you have, what it is you once desired. Maybe you have lost hope, and are still in the adventure of meeting strange creatures, and hard experiences. That's good. You're still on your journey. Make it a real story, enjoy it to the hilt. And teach what you learned to anyone willing to listen. Tell it grandly, embellish it, make it dramatic, be a great storyteller! This is your story, make it delightful! If you were to ask me what the timing is from these cards, I would say within 3 weeks, and you will be flying over the obstacles. Looking good....! Keep the faith, watch the signs, listen, and have fun with the your story....Linda

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