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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tarot, 1,2,3!
This is a fun way to read your daily cards. Of course by now, if you are as addicted to these 78 little colorful friends, by now, as I am, you will enjoy this way to play with them.
After you have randomly drawn your 3 cards, lay them out in the order you drew them. Get your journal, at the top of the page, write across with the heading.....Noun, Verb, Adjective.
Write several words, this could mean.
Noun... Verb... Adjective
Seeker of Swords... Seer of Wands... Ace of Cups
a storm... burning flame... cool flowing water
a desert... waiting... golden chalice
a wild man... simmering in the heat... deep clear ocean
thrashing stallion... purring cougar... divine window in time
Now, putting all these ideas together, what kind of story would this say?
I see a storm just starting to brew, the stallion senses it, and is warning the rider of impending danger. The rider waves his sword around, like that's the only way he can think to threaten the storm to go away? His tactic's do not work....the next card says the wild woman stands by her blazing torch, even in the hot sun of the desert. She patiently waits, the cougar has become her friend, she even has it purring. She is also not hidden under layers of clothing, as the first card is, she is just who she it. The Ace of Cups is cool, healing, refreshing, overflowing. And the landscape of each card is telling. First is a rocky, difficult terrain, going into a hot, endless, flat desert. And the ocean....jump in. Dive deep, swim, play, be healed.
Making a sentence from the words I gleaned.....
The storm raging within you, has released lightning that blazes, hot and furious. Followed by cool, soft rain. Go ahead and feel every emotion, let it rip you, burn you, melt you.
All this angry wandering, in the deserted place of waiting....is actually leading you to the Holy Grail of finding what you really seek. And not where you ever thought you would find it.
A wild man, fighting his way through life, lands in a faraway place that's hotter than hell. He thought he had it bad before. But, just beyond the wall of burning sand, lays icy cold, aqua blue water, deep and clear. He can now see why he needed to take the hard, painful path he chose, and is richly rewarded for his choice, and is bathed in love.
The horse has a mind of it's own, rebelling, fighting the rider. Choose your fellow path mates with care...the heathen woman of the desert has a purring cougar, by her side. Seems the animals would represent my choices in friends, those who challenge me, or those who love me. Or maybe those I have the hardest time with, in the divine window of time, become my dearest friends. You think?
Every card has a million ways you can read it. And with the others beside it, what stories they call tell. Keep it simple, and fun. Linda

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