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Monday, December 03, 2007

I love Journaling with the cards. Today, I randomly drew the 2 of Cups. Great card to play with. Using the 'Alphabet Soup' idea, I write out 26 things I see here. 26 ideas/images to look at.
a.alter, both cups rest on a table, or an alter. In matters of the heart, most of the time if feels like what you long for is unreachable. Laying it on the alter, is surrendering to what you want, letting the one you love, choose you, or not.
b. beloved, seeing a vision of fantastic things in the one you adore. I believe it's called 'rose colored glasses.'
c. consistent, holding true to what your heart seeks.
d.desire, how you feel every time you think of this person.
e. ethereal, heavenly emotions. So fragile you dare not tell anyone how you feel.
f. fantasy, your dream lover, in living color.
g. gallant, brave, fearless in the face of love. No, 'well, I gotta think about this, be getting back to you sometime.'
h. healing, a safe place to bare your ripped up, scarred soul.
i. inspiration, a reason to lose those last 10 pounds, a reason to dance again.
j. jitters, that feeling you have in your tummy when he calls. And to be with him in person, wow.
k. kiss, cannot wait to kiss him. Talking without talking.
l. longing, they see each other, but there seems to be something keeping them apart.
m. musing, daydreaming about him. Your thoughts leading you far away from the work right in front of you, waiting to be done.
n. notice, someone that has your full attention.
o. overcome, usually there will be obstacles to work through. But how sweet to have him by your side working through it together.
p. passion, that sweep you off your feet feeling....
q. quest, the game, the anticipation of seeing that person again, and again.
r. ready, the place you both need to be, to have this really work.
s. selfless, loving them more than yourself. They are you.
t. tender, how you would protect this holy place of love.
u. understanding, knowing why their behavior is weird, you scare them. Got right under the wall, next to their heart.
v. vie, there may be others contending for his affection.
w. woo, gently, win their trust, their heart.
x. eXcite, just seeing them is joy.
y. yes, yes, yes.
z. zati, devotee. You are devoted to this one man. 100%.
The couple on the card are made for each other. Mirror each other. Yet, there seems to be something keeping them apart. Some people believe unless love comes easy and just lands in front of you, it's too much trouble. Others believe it's a gift, and you race after it, pursue it, attain it. I have no answer. When I have tried to make it happen, it eludes me. When I give up, and go do something else, it shows up unexpected. I believe it finds you, but there will be challenges, and that just bring out the best or worst in each other. Then you see the lover in a different light, will the fantasy have the strength to become reality? I believe it can. Eternally optimistic...I am...

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