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Sunday, December 02, 2007

My Friend, Ralph
I am having coffee, browsing through saved emails, deleting what I no longer need, and come across an email from my friend Ralph. I met him about 2 years ago, while on a visit to the lake, he was just he nicest man, loved being retired by the water, working at the Shrine Club. He was 64, still bitter from a divorce, and had no belief in romance. And falling in love, never again. So, when he would come to Springfield to pick up the supplies for the Shrine Club, he would take me out for lunch. We had animated discussions. He believed in nothing he couldn't see, and I believe in everything I cannot see. We enjoyed out debates! One morning, this summer, I notice the Death notices in the Springfield Newsleader online. I never pull them up. And this morning, I do. First name on the list is Ralph. A sudden death, unexpected, he is gone. I didn't go to his funeral, but later this summer when I was back at the lake, I did go by his final resting place. Standing there, with a beautiful view of the lake, big oak trees shading him, there is a little plaque with his name.
2 fresh yellow roses, lay in the fresh brown earth. I talked to him, just wanted a moment to say goodbye. And was curious about his journey on the other side. We had talked about that, and he believed there was nothing. A big nothing.

This morning, I find an old email, left in my files, from him. I sense he is here, and I ask him, Hey, Ralph, so what do you think about death now? Where are you.....(this may sound strange to people that don't know me, but the ones that pass over, are really hanging out all around us. They give us messages all the time....most go unnoticed. And I talk to them, and most of them let me know they heard me...and like it.)

I draw out 3 cards, the ones posted above, his answer....5 of Swords, Ace of Pentacles, and the Death card. How funny! He wasn't happy with going, was angry and disgruntled. A new place of beauty, (looks like an orb, a glowing ball of golden light, a flowered gateway to a new home, and yes, silly Linda, I am dead.)

So, I lay 2 cards on either side of each original card I drew, to see what else he may say to me....I get these.....Strength, by the 5 of Swords, and the Ace of Wands...After the initial tricky step of getting there, he finds himself standing straight up, strong, proud, more alive than ever, ready for this new journey.... By the Ace of Pentacles, I get the Fool and the Lovers
How sweet. He was foolish to not believe. Believe there was more, and there was so much more. A place he is loved, and is pure love. A place he now understands why he had the lessons he had, even the horrible ones, here. And he loves himself for experiencing every single thing he went through. Now, he sees it from the 'other side', and it all makes wonderful sense. He loves, he laughs.The next group, the Emperor card and the Page of Swords lay beside the Death card. He, the father, is worried about one of his sons. I believe he told me there were 3 sons. Issues with one son, lie unfinished. The bitterness falls on this son like a heavy blanket. He argues with Death, and with Life. Seems Ralph left one son, just like him. Sad, bitter and angry at life, and death. With these cards coming up, he would be telling me....this is something he is still working on, from his new home. In the light, he still is the father, and will hang around this son more than the others. This son still needs him.

This card jumps from the deck, like an final say...Temperance. It's all good. He is well, he is home, he is waiting. He would still like to argue with me, that was pretty entertaining for both of us, but he has this one son to love, (he loves the other 2, but they knew it, and loved him back, so very much.) He has things to do and places he goes, he won't rest until this issue with the son is healed.

We are energy, life, and like Jesus said, there is NO death. We just change. This body is like the car you drive, when you are in it, directing it, steering it, it looks like it's moving, it's alive. When you step out of the car, it is still, lifeless. Just a mode of transportation. Same as the body you wear here. A mode of transportation. When it stops working, you are still here, just without this silly skin suit you wear. Until you come back, get a new body. I think Jesus told them...'Ye must be born again....and again....and again.' Keep doing it till you get it right...

Ralph is still here, as are the friends and loved ones you have. Say hi to them, they'll show you, in some strange way, they heard you. ! Linda

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