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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This is the very Halloweeny, Beautiful Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Magic Realist Press....aka Karen Mahony. And I love it! So artsy, dark, interesting....

I laid out cards for tonight...as I am going to Halloween Party, taking this deck with me to entertain my masked, costumed friends, want to see what lies ahead, in my future.....

The 7 of Cups, The Chariot, and the Moon

I love the mask the Charioteer wears....I have a black feathered mask I am taking to wear. Maybe. The masks, how we love the masks. Maybe we need the masks. And they are a gift, not a curse. Who is it I shall really be?I don't know yet...she is waiting to get there, see who comes out to play.... In the 7 of Cups, I can be anything. Imagine this....she is in her own fantasy world. A scarlet red drink? I choose a frosty Coke. I do not drink or smoke, so the Party Girl I am not. But this may be fun.....And the stairs behind her, she is going down. Down to a part of herself she wants to explore...Or maybe she is climbing up, to sneak out the rooftop opening...climb out of her boring life, into someone else, in the dark of night. This handsome man with the majestic Black feathered wings...he is robed in rich blood red scarlet, just a wrap. Seems to be barely holding onto it. Looks like a Chippendale Dancer on Halloween. That would me nice tonight....! Those massive stone carvings of the dark and light woman. We all have the dark side. Be honest. Get to love it. It is a Universal law, people. Just like the Law of Attraction. The Law is of Polarity. There will always be equal amounts of dark, for light. Day...night. Masculine, Feminine. Ying, yang. Tonight is the night to play in the dark side....dance the night away with your fears...And the Moon. Ah, I just love her, and her white wolf, howling in the darkest hours of the night. She is in deepest blue. Blue....one of my favorite colors. She is quiet, watching. Farther out in this card, is an image of a person crying. Alone, sadly in the night. Yet not alone, as she is watching vigil, compassionate from a distance. Pearls are woven in her hair, and a silver crescent moon adorns her long, luxurious hair. She blends with the night, unnoticed, just there. She is the night. Absorbing it. Feeling it. Being it. 

FYI. I think I was the quiet one watching. It was entertaining....and I did blend with the night...unnoticed. I kept sneaking outside, to get away from the smoke, and gazing at the Moon and stars. Felt more at home there. In the quiet, in the dark.
It was fun....I came alone, and I left alone. I met up with friends....but it was really nice to come home to my home. Looking at those cards now...I see they might be saying...your party will be an illusion...not what you think. Go ahead and drive, enjoy the view. The best view will be the stars and the moon. And it was! 

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