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Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, Tuesday morning this week, I do my daily layout of my cards. I use the beautiful Fenestra Tarot. I have my coffee....all is quiet...peaceful...and I draw these 3 cards. I think, gee, I wonder what these are saying to me. So, I think...maybe I am stressed, from talking all the time, and need a man to distract me from my work. Or, maybe I have too many things going on...I have really gotten into making Fabric Postcards, fun and artsy, but sort of over commited myself to doing several of them. But, got them done on the deadline, mailed out. The Emperor looks heavy....strict. Maybe it means I need to be a bit stricter about that 10 pounds...wands....I have been wrestling with...speak an affirmation out loud about it.

The 10 is a card of too much....over the limit...over doing it....
The Page of Wands...zealously showing someone your point of view....talking to them...giving them an important message...
The Emperor...Big Daddy, someone in power, the Boss. Someone controlling their environment....

And I leave, have an appointment across town. So I am just a tad late. Get half way there, and see the bright flashing lights of a police car....right behind me. Me? Surely not me. Yes. I get a ticket for speeding. Well, everyone else was going the same pace as I was...I urgently explain, as he has is ink pen poised over that yellow citation pad. And yes, I try to talk my way out of it, to no avail. 51 in a 35 mile zone. When I get back from the appointment....I see these cards still out on my desk. And now I know....you are going too fast, you cannot talk your way out of it, and you will be a little intimidated by Mr. Policeman. The Tarot Cards have such a sense of humor...don't they. I surely did not see this in the cards....but later I did. Learn something new every day. I do.

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