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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Still looking for Pictures in Pictures

Today, the Universal Waite Tarot, is where I find matching cards, for my pictures. This young, curious boy, is my beloved grandson David. He is peering inside the box that held the Nigel Jackson Tarot Cards. Just like the Page of Cups, he is wondering, what is in there? And what would this mean, a fish in a cup? A talking fish? Cards that tell stories? Cards full of colorful images, who are these people on these cards, and what are all the pretty pictures? He is already an artist. My own Page of Cups, with crayons, markers, ideas....he already has every superhero down pat. He will draw the story, then ask me or anyone else around with a pencil to write out the story to go with his picture. He believes in 'talking fish.' I liked how the back of the card he is holding had the same circle that the Ace of Pentacles has. He's holding it so gently, and obviously focused on something, an image, intently. Knows there is a story here...just got to get the details. And at this tender age, they have no problems with imagination. He can give me a run for my money, as a reader. He inspires me!

The soft colors of the Universal Waite deck, are the same soft colors in Davids pictures. I see an arched gate on the Ace, with blooming Surprise Lilies, and a mysterious landscape beyond my vision. He sees the same thing, and when I ask him what is past the gate? He can give me a story about the boy in the other card, he is there. He is standing by the lake we cannot see, and is all dressed up for a play at school. Looks like he is having a fish sandwich for lunch.

Sometimes, when I get caught up in the stacks of books with all the 'professional' meanings of the Tarot....I need to go back to looking through a child's eyes. Just play with them. Stop trying so hard, and just let the images tell the story. The wilder the better. And have David over, find the Hulk, Iron Man, and Cat Woman in the cards. And let the characters tell the story. Or let the child lead me....

Pay attention to the Pages, young ones, curious and questioning ones, around you. They don't know the rules yet. And what we are yet to learn, is who wrote the rules? Listen to their wisdom. Wow, even Spongebob has some pretty good advice...never knew that until David shared it with me. Go backward in time, and tell your own story. And make it a good one...tell it like a 4 year old would...

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