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Sunday, July 16, 2006

I have a party of High Priestess's holding court this quiet Sunday morning. Gee, I wonder what the waiter would hear as he served the tea and crumpets. Or Bloody Mary's. These chics are usually the silent, mysterious energy in the Tarot. But deep, really deep.
Most are covered up with a nun-like gown. Except the Celtic Tarot's Priestess. She reigns from an ancient, ornate, stone throne. Her gown is falling down, as she is busy removing the veil from her face. She is easily approachable, looks like a good friend that would have time to listen and share her grapes and apples that lie by her feet. What each one would do is really feed your spirit. Wow. Someone that would be 100% present and really hear what you are saying and not judge you, just listen.
The Durer High Priestess has a serpent with an apple in its mouth. Reminds me of the Garden of Eden, seems to have been hanging around since then, like the beginning of time. She actually represents the Holy Spirit. The feminine aspect of the God head. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Wonder why they couldn't just say, Father, Son and Divine Feminine. Got to keep those women down. This group may be quiet, but they know who gets the last word. They know the answers before you ask the questions. She is Intuitive, Perceptive, Out there. Some are leery of her, but that is just fear, like she can read their minds. And most of the time, she can. She just doesn't tell you that. In this card, with the snake, she holds the golden keys. The keys to knowledge, to choices, to whatever you want to really ask. If you are brave enough to ask.
The Golden Tarot Priestess sits on a red velvet pillow, in an ornate gold and white throne. She holds up a red sacred book, the book she has written and is quite selective about who is worthy to read it. I don't see it at Walmart, in a bargain bin. Holy Secrets that apply to life and what only the elite shall read. If, she chooses.
The Priestess of the Tarot of the New Vision sits with her back to us. She had 2 students bowing in reverence to her Holy presence. This scruffy brown owl is her animal totem. All he can say is 'who'. As she knows the what, where, and why. He sits on the pomegranate, it is a symbol of the Divine Feminine, the red juice, the red blood women cycle with, the eggs they hold within their bodies, reminds you of the female genitalia. All about her. Cool. I really like her. She sits meditating on the waters and the moon in front of her. She is quite happy with her solitude. Silence is her friend.
The Priestess of the Fantasticial Tarot Deck looks about a thousand years old. No offense, she is proud of her ancient wisdom, and doesn't suffer fools gladly. Don't waste her precious time with silly questions. Read the book and come back when you are serious about learning something. She's not doing it for you. Sort of dramatic, but I bet she could spice up a party, once she lets her hair down a bit.
And my Tarot of Transformation Priestess, out in the garden, soaking up the energy of the tall green grasses that surround her. Nature talks to her. Nature heals her. Nature teaches her, and she writes it down to remember it all. She would know that what we do to our planet, we do to ourselves. I bet she's a tree hugger. She looks a little intimadating, but that feels to me, more for show. And to get your respect. She has worked hard to earn her position, don't waste her time with trivial talk. She can be moody, as the moon makes an appearance on 2 of the cards. 2 others show her in a Chapel, 4 appear to be outside.
If she were to say something, I think it would be that we already have all the answers within our souls. We just aren't listening. Shut up, and get quiet. She is the gentle voice that whispers the answers at the exact time we need them. Not a moment before. Relax, she's got your back.
Today, I think they would be talking about the war in Israel. Wondering why people just don't get it. They would be talking about the cures to all the diseases on the planet, are right here on the planet. Stop fighting and find another way to resolve things. But, hey, she's a woman. If she would have to fight, she would use her mind and go to the source of the problem. What you think creates your world. Go back to the beginning, change the way you think about it. In the book, 'The Way of the Peaceful Warrior', Dan Millian said something I think is so 'High Priestess-y'.....Silence is Strength, and Meditation, Wisdom. How profound.

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