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Friday, July 28, 2006

Welcome to the Emperors of the Tarot Deck. I see this as the Father, Husband card. He is ruled by Mars, very fiery and passionate about whatever he sets his mind to do. And he is a doer. He loves to create, build, rule. He is the King and wants everyone to know it, especially the woman he's with. In every version of this card, he holds a scepter, or a huge sword to remind you of his power. He loves power. His robe is red, blood red. He would be the one to understand why we need to fight to get what we need. He might even lead the fight. Not fainthearted, this one.
If this card were to come up for me, I would say it would mean to be strong, confident, unafraid, fearless. It can also mean issues with Daddy, or a man that holds power in your life. Watch for a big macho, testosterone riddled person on your horizon. Here is another version of him, I really like this one, he has this tough old bird as his friend. Looks like he, the bird has stuck his neck out a few times, and got his feathers plucked out. And he's still getting the last word. These two are just alike. Crusty old birds. These men will never change, and maybe that's a good thing. We love them just as they are. Everyone needs this guy on your side.

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