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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Was waiting for my coffee to finish brewing, and drew 2 cards from the Lovers Path Tarot. Sort of a mini preview of what's to come today, cross my path, you get the idea. Wisdom & Judgement. I love the veil she wears, her eyes speak for her. And the book she holds, has all the answers to her questions, she just has to take the time to read it. A hunky man is reclining behind her, his sword just within reach, but he knows he will not need it in her presence. And that beautiful scarlet curtain, embossed with pomegrantes, the power of the female. He seems entranced by her. She is his Wisdom, his inspiration, his power. A man that has everything, and she is the one thing that is important to him. Going into the next card, she had shed her heavy blue gown, for a lighter, softer frock. And her heavy crown is replaced by a light band of woven flowers. She is leaning over the balcony smiling at a man at work, even strangers that cross her path, stop and talk to her. Wonder if they had the sign 'Man at Work' back then. Everytime I see one of those signs, I laugh. Where is the 'Woman at Work' sign? Anyway...back to the cards...
Once upon a time ( a little story to go with these 2 cards...)a wise woman lived outside a small village in Rome. She had learned the art of listening. Hearing...the sounds of nature, they spoke to her. She wondered why others could not hear the voices of the wind, water, silence. Ond day the King, while searching for a Wise man, stumbled upon the story of this woman that was amazing. He just had to find her. He listened to her for hours, entranced and charmed by her stories. He made his important decisions based on her Wisdom. Even the grounds keepers would seek her presence. She knew what people really needed. Not money, or power, or sex ( well maybe sex), she knew what they really craved was to be heard. And she listened. When it came time for the King to choose a mate, he was more impressed with her gentle wise spirit, than all the other flashy,greedy, shallow women. And maybe he was a Wise man, too. For he chose her. Wise choice. And they lived happily ever after...

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