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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Archeon Tarot, my favorite 3 card layout.....
I think Timothy Lantz's art reflects how I feel tonight. Sort of dark, sort of moody. It's really cold here tonight, a good night to stay inside, play with my cards.
What do I see when I glance at these 3 cards?A woman leans back in repose, gold glows around her, 2 cups sit perfectly balanced, side by side. Three Swords, pushed so far into the bottom of the picture, you cannot see what they pierce. Is it just the ground, like a boundry line, or a body, stabbed and pinned in pain, helpless. A lacey heart is torn apart by one of the swords. The image of a woman with her hands covering her eyes is in the upper part of the card. And the colors, blue, sad, cold, icy. The third card, I see a gentle sheep, a tame tiger, an Angel, touching, softly the wild animal, and glancing tenderly at the innocent lamb. What story would these 3 cards together tell? For me, a sweet firely golden love, wakes you up with tears, fears, ripped memories, and being stuck somewhere lost in time. Do you see the future? She doesn't. She see's only pain. And then an Angel comes, bringing healing to her broken heart. Innocence is restored, and the will to be proud of who you are and what land of pain you have come from, is your gift. Love is always here. We may not see it, or feel it, but it is here. Calling all Angels, they are here. It's all good....

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