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Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Tarot of Reflections, by Francesco Ciampi. I love his soft colors & very different images he gives us on each card.
I am sitting here, remembering this night 32 years ago. I was in labor with my second daughter, Anna. She was born around 2:00, in the wee early morning. Loudly announcing her arrival. One of those moments you never forget. Precious. On Elvis's birthday. I was thinking about her, and these cards fell out of the deck. I wished for babies, I had my first little girl on April 9, 1972. Look at the numbers on the first 2 cards, a 9 and a 4. The ninth day, of the fourth month. Johnna, the first daughter, was so easy to mother. Little girl with her stacks of books. Had mama all to herself, 3 years of being an only child, and she rather enjoyed it. Then, in the next card, a female lies wrapped in a pink blanket. The new daughter. The Hermit, something I longed for, sought, found. She is the Queen in green....Anna has green eyes, dresses in green. A Capricorn, loves the color green, especially the shade of green you stash in the piggy bank! The Queen holds this club...yes she does. She has a sweet husband and 2 little boys. She rules the roost. Good woman. The 10 of cups, happiness, love, joy. My children are such a joy. They are my best friends. Happy Birthday, Anna. I love you. mom
p.s. I said I wanted babies, and I meant it. After little Anna, took me 5 years, but I had a baby boy, his birthday is Wednesday, this week. He was born Jan. 10. This week brings back so many memories. Happy ones. Babies do that. And they are always your babies. Forever. I love you, Josh. May this year be your very best....mom

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