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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I am thinking about this past year, 2006. Using the Victorian Romantic Tarot, again, one of my new favorites, I ask the question, 'Who was I this year?'. I drew the King of Wands. I would be in this card, as the lady sitting beside this older man. This man is my father. I had a prayer answered this year, he was with me on Thanksgiving. He sat at the table and ate with me, and my children, and grandchildren. We laughed, we talked, we had a small chunk of time together. He lives not far from me, yet far, far away. I have not had a holiday with him for 14 years. Life can be like that. And you have to surrender to the confusion, and hope that someday you will get the chance to be together again. A gift I cherish. And my father would be the King of Wands, born on August 14. A true Leo. Mr., I can build the plane and fly it, I can build the boat and live on it, I can build the car, and drive it, I can do it all. And they wonder where I get that independent streak. From daddy. And talent, from daddy. Just believe you can do it, and you can. The sink or swim kind of parent. And I swam.

I ask then, 'What did I learn this year?' I drew the 9 of Cups!
The wish card. I learned that a wish can come true. I joined a group of 'Goal Sisters', and we meet every other week, for encouragement and good food! We watched the movie, 'The Secret' here at my home last week. And we met at Becky's house to make manifesting notebooks. Here we go, watch out world. I have seen each of my children make choices that are bringing them happiness. That is sweet. And I sang again. In a smoky bar, I walked right up to the mic, and I sang. And had a blast. I went back home. Seen family I have not seen in years. And it was good. We laughed so much I think I pulled a muscle. No kidding. I tend to be a workaholic, and this was fun. I felt like I was home. I cannot tell you how long it has been since I have said that. A long, long time. I hoped to meet the love of my life, but sadly no. Maybe the wish to reconnect with my family was stronger than finding him. He is still out there. Somewhere. Hope he's enjoying his singleness. Those days are limited....I believe, I believe, I believe. I really do.
In this card, the man is looking to see how much is left in his cup. I see it as, much is left. He has much to enjoy in life, and that picture on the wall behind him, that is something he did he is proud of, and framed it. I think that my picture would be of my children. I am so proud of them. They are my best friends. Each time I spend time with each one of them, I watch how much they have grown, and as adults, they are so different, and funny. And smart. And yet alike. I guess that is what the word 'family' means. I love that word. I think it was a very good year.

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