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Saturday, March 03, 2007

March 1 was my birthday. Usually a day I dread, but this year, it was pure joy. I am using the new 'Tarot of the Holy Grail' from Lo Scarabeo. I chose the cards I feel represented this one day of the year, for me.

The King of Chalices, the 2 of Swords, and the 6 of Cups. Later, I will add the Queen of Pentacles.

My father called me the night before my birthday, wishing me a great day. Wants to take me out for dinner next time he see's me. That, IS a Miracle. Right up there with, walking on the water. Thank you, Jesus.

It's stormy here, the news said tornadoes before morning....I'm not really afraid of much, but tornadoes, terrify me. So, I invite myself to my daughter Anna's home, it feels safer there, and take over the couch. Around 4 in the morning, the sirens are wailing, I wake Anna up, her sweet hubby and boys and I, all go for cover. The little one, David, he's 3, snuggles up to me, telling me, 'I luva da Nanna'. How precious. After the weather scare, passes, I head for the couch. And little David decides to sleep with me, along with Curious George and Superman. Well, I had been praying for someone to keep me warm at night, and what an answer. A sweet answer. Get up, come home, have lunch with Diana, have supper with Sherril, go to see Chris Duarte in Blues Concert, have lunch the next day with Becky and Jennifer (my writer friends, really published writers) Have dinner with Anna and the boys. Get flowers, get cards. Get calls from my Aunt (still, ugh) in the hospital, June, Judy, Sharon. Even my busy oldest daughter, Johnna, came to cook me dinner and spend the night with me, on Monday night. Josh got out of being here by having to work, I'll catch up with him later this week. I am so blessed. This Queen of Pentacles is how I feel today.....loved, fed, hugged, kissed by Angels.

She has it all. And appreciates it. So do I.
The story the cards say, is, This King holds the Chalice close to his heart, I am the Queen of Cups, I am that chalice. The 2 of Swords is stormy and uncertain, wait it out. It will pass. In the morning, hugs and gifts. Calls and flowers.
In the 23 Psalm, it says, you prepare a table before me, in the presence of my enemies. My table is full and happy.
Many good things have happened this year. I feel changes coming, I have my list of goals, and my faith feels stronger than it has, for a long time. My meditation/prayer time is addictive. Like Holy Ground. My favorite place to be. I am blessed.

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