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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Number 5, the Hierophant. Most readers are confused about what they think this card means. My slant is one that comes from being raised by very strict Pentecostal Grandparents. God was someone to be feared, dreaded, appeased. I followed that path, even raising my children in that belief. Until I had a nervous breakdown. This was a view of a God I could never please. And He didn't even like me, I thought. When I fell in love with the Tarot, I had a hard time with this card. It reminded me of the traditional beliefs that hold power over so many of us. I had to just sit with this and think about what this card meant to me. Today....
I see him as an Ancient Soul that has walked every path imaginable. He radiates unconditional love and understanding. He is a safe place to go to lay my head on his big broad shoulder and cry and question. Surrounded by candles, prayers of fellow travelers on this uncertain path, he is the place to run to that is always there.I see his robes and ornate headress as costumes and props to let us know he is a Holy Man. But he is who we can be, if we take the time to talk to God and learn to listen to the still small voice within our hearts. He is a cool card to draw, like, your prayers are heard, everything is in Divine Timing, he's got your back. Relax. He's your friend in high places.

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