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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hello! Remember me? I know- I have been gone for awhile...holidays, you know. And I have a another new Tarot deck!Love that Amazon.com, right to the front door.It's The Romantic Victorian Tarot, my Karen Mahony. Lovely. Vintage art, easy to understand, and vivid coloring. And yes, I have it with me all the time, some might call that obsessive. Maybe.....

So, for today, I drew the King of Cups, the Hierophant, and the 3 of Swords. I later drew one card to cap it off, and it was the 6 of Cups, which I will post down below, as what this is all about.

3 ways I want to read this.....

The best: A tenderhearted man is talking to his friends, and his best friend, God, about a situation that is bringing him pain. His loyal dog, loves him and lets him know it will be ok. Seems he is seeking everyone else's opinion, rather than following his heart. His heart must be broken from something he thought he left behind. His shoes are off, as he is sick of walking and his feet hurt. He has gone miles, and yet the past is still behind him, right behind him. Ugh....
The worst: I think I'll get drunk and act like I know everything. I think I am God. I could show everyone how to live and do it right, I think. But alone, at night, when no one can see me, I cry. I am such a fake, only the dog knows the real me. And if I didn't have him on a leash, he would run away from me, too.
The Spiritual version: (my favorite way to read the cards) I am so blessed, with friends, a beautiful home, family. I have God's favor, and know how to talk to Him, He is really my best friend. I have stacks of books, that I study, so I can get closer and closer to what He really taught, love. But even with the knowledge, unless I let it in my heart, I am sad, and confused. Maybe I need to turn around and go back, somewhere I took the wrong turn. If I would love myself with the unconditional love my dog has for me, I would be....healed.

What the Secret is, to what these 3 cards are saying....the 6 of Cups.

We are all children, and Christmas brings out memories from the past, like it or not. But, instead of being sad, about what we did or didn't do, let it go. We did the best we could at the time. And so did our parents. They didn't know how to do it either. Ironicly, by the time we really know anything (or think we do), no one wants to hear it. And we are doing the very best we can right now.Hopefully. Be innocent, be childlike, be trusting. It's called Grace. Just believe we are exactly where we are supposed to be. You know, bloom where you're planted...It's all good. And enjoy the ride. later....

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