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Friday, December 29, 2006

I am woman. I can do it all. Not.
This is how I feel today. Depicted by The beautiful Victorian Romantic Tarot by Karen Mahony. In a nutshell, tired, sad, take me away.....if I were to do this as a reading, like- look at these 2 cards, the very best outcome, the worst outcome and the Spiritual outcome, here we go......
The Ten of Wands, and Temperance
Best: I am strong, I can carry everything. I am a great example for my children, I cut the wood, I carry the wood, I make the cradle. Where is the man in this picture? Well, maybe he is off chopping down the tree I got the branches from. There is an Angel here, to tell me to stop trying to do everything myself and get in the boat and just relax. Maybe I need to listen to her. Relax.
Worst: I am so worn slick. These kids, the burdens I carry, how much farther do I have to go before I am home. I see someone ahead, a boat, and looks like an angel, but do I trust it? No. I must be having visions, I really am losing it. It could not, really be that easy to find a way out. I believe the only way to get anything done right, is to do it myself. How arrogant is that.
Spiritual: I am still strong, on the path, taking care of what I need to. It feels like 40 years in the wilderness. Ah, my prayer has been answered. There is an Angel to guide me, to help me, to hold me. Thank you for this boat and it's Angelic Guide. I thankfully step this place of grace, and I relax and let someone else drive. I can sleep, I can let go.
Sometimes life is overwhelming. And we just need to remember we are not alone. And sometimes angels don't look like angels. Watch who shows up in your life today....

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