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Friday, February 15, 2008

This chic adorns the wall in my living room. She holds a book, like a little High Priestess! I was playing with my camera, and loved this shot. She looks soft, defenseless. Gentle. I usually draw Tarot cards, jot down whatever comes to mind...but tonight I am using some pictures from my home, as my prompts. Her calm face reminds me, it will all be ok. Wait. Just wait.

And these beautiful yellow flowers, a gift from my grandson Avery. I had a rough day....he was so sweet to think about me. Would this be the Sun Card? The colors. Red and gold and yellow. Yeah. This did make me happy. I know I 'read' cards, but really the symbols are all around. Just look.

The World Card? Angels, books full of words of knowledge.Is it finished, or is it just starting over again? I love how the word 'miracle' stands out....I really lean on that, hard. Every day.

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