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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What's up with this horrible weather? 67
Tornadoes? And the Oracle says.....

3 of Wands, Justice, 10 of Wands, and today I am adding up the numbers on the cards, and using the book, 'Numerology, the Divine Triangle' by Javine and Bunker. The number is 25, The Knight of Wands.

Justice sits in the center of the cards, she is the 'cause and effect' energy. She is the one to make tough choices, the baby in front of her is from the Bible, when King Solomon was to make the decision about which lady really was the mother of the baby. He chose to cut the child in half, giving each half the child. The real mother said, NO. Just give the baby to her. He did this knowing only the real mother would sacrfice what she wanted, for the life of her baby. He gave the baby to the real mother. On the first card, I see someone pondering the smoke from the fire, and the images in the smoke, 3 wands appear. 3 elements are at work here, creating this wierd weather. The last card, the 10 of wands, a man stuggles to get home, he carrys too much of a load, and it is smoking, too. Smoking.....that seems to be the match on the cards. Can the smoke, the pollution, the too much crap in the air, be effecting out weather patterns? Justice would say,you did it,now deal with it. The hidden card, number 25/7, is the Knight of Wands. Another fire card. 'Change of residence, trials, health, success after difficulty. You may experience trials and difficulties which make you draw on your energy reserves.He presides over the spring season, this time of year you gain strength by mastering obstacles. There can be difficulties you struggle to meet, but you preserve through hard work.'

On a personal level, I say we are in the global warming phase, 3 things we are doing to our environment are causing these horrible storms. We cannot keep crapping in our nest. Or we cannot live there anymore. And Mother Nature is angry. A Divine Anger. Clean up the stuff, the smoke, the trash, respect the land. And each other. Or, face the Judge....Justice. I pray for every family that last nights storms effected. Love each other, protect each other. Help get our planet clean again. We all are responsible. In the meantime, do what you can to help the ones that are homeless and starting over. It could be you, next week.

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