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Monday, February 25, 2008

The Universal Fantasy Tarot....I love it. Sci-fi images...vibrant colors. My kind of deck. The cards I randomly drew are 7 of Swords, King of Cups, and the Hierophant.

First I draw one card....but I can't stop at one, so I pick 2 more. I need them to tell me what the first card is saying. I am doing the 3 kinds of reading, best, worst, and spiritual. Humor me, I like to see how much I can glean from each set of cards. I think I have an overactive mind, some people call it ADD, and one guy even called it, a steel trap. Ha, I don't think he meant that as a compliment. Whatever. On to the story....

Best News: Once upon a time....this guy is on a quest. He sees all kinds of challenges around it, but he is more than up for it. He has a goal, is listening to God, knows this is the thing to do, just not sure how he will do it. But, his heart is in the right place, and he is a man of faith. Sort of like David, fighting the giant. He can to it, just let him try. His faith is big...!
Worst News: Look at that river, he'll never be able to cross it. And that shield, what will that protect? Looks pretty, and shiny, and the banner waving through the air, he has a mission. Being that King of Cups is sitting there, meditating, me might have got the idea this was something God required as a test of faith. A 'how much do you love me' thing. But guess what, read about Grace. Trust in the person he prays to, and stop trying so hard to prove who he is. Who is he trying to impress, anyway. Looks like between the raging river, the dragons surrounding the craggy castle, and the stormy dark skies, he needs to just wait on further instruction. Go back to the center card, pray. Get focused. This could be a spiritual battle, or something he needs to fight with other ammo. Just wait, you don't have all the info yet.
Spiritual : 3 stages of being. Young and eager, ready to take on anything. Mature, confident, in touch with your feelings, and relaxed. Just go with the flow....see the sailboat in the background. A wise man. From the path he has taken, he is now a guide for others. He sits on a grand throne, and has a beautiful armor protecting his body. He also has a picture of a woman he gazes on. He has found his inspiration, and honors it. He has faith, chooses his battles well. Wonder it this man is free Friday night, looks like my kind of man. Yes!

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