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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I had planned to post something on here each day, but have been sick with allergies. Sorry. I drew cards to add to the story I had started last week. Here is what I drew...the 10 of Pentacles, the 6 of Pentacles, and the 10 of Swords. The previous post ended on a good note. Things are about to change....

The man has become complacent. He has stopped trying to impress his lady and win her love. He feels like he has bought her everything she could ever want, why is she not happy? He thinks that by buying her 'things' he is giving her what she wants. Not true. He has been rather generous and it appears she has a beautiful home, money in the bank, all the comforts of life. But I see no cups in the group. He looks like he is sleeping, not at all aware of what she really wants. And she is no where here in the cards, she has withdrawn and is gone. He hasn't seen that she is gone yet.

This 6 of Pentacles says he has given and given, and whatever she wants, she could easily have. Except for his heart. His heart (spirit, symbloized by the bird in flight) is gone. Money is where his heart was. One the bottom coin the Lion of Leo stands out, so he appears very proud of what he has accomplished, and is generous with it. But sorta in a way that draws attention to him. Again, he gives to get attention, and not out of love. They seem to not talk. Just make assumptions. Bad idea.

He has now seen the light. Like the light at the end of your life and the tunnel is before you to go in a completely different direction. A Death of sorts. Pain is a great catalyst. He is flat on his back in pain. And his money and everything he owns isn't helping him get help. The Swords can represent mental anguish. And this looks like he is in misery. He feels betrayed, stabbed in the back and left out in the cold. She is gone, and he has his stuff. But that is all he has, and stuff will not hold you at night. I think he is remembering things she said, things she ask for, like little things that didn't cost anything. And he was just not interested. He went outside and sat by himself. Counting his money. Sad. This lesson is for him, as he is here alone, she is somewhere else. I will see if the Tarot tells us where she went, and if she is coming back. Tomorrow....

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