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Saturday, April 08, 2006

This deck is the Labyrinth Tarot by Luis Royo. It is so beautiful, and soft, the Major Arcana have vivid details, erotic images. The Minor Arcana are traditional in keeping the symbols of the element, and just arranging them in different sequence as they move up from Ace to 10. I think using this deck, makes you use your intuition more. You don't depend on the pictures for information, you use whatever floats up and whispers to you. Then you add the images from the Major Arcana and the Court Cards, and you have a different spin on the interpretations. Today I drew 3 cards at random. The King of Spades (Swords), the 6 of Spades (Swords), and the Moon. While scanning these, I came upon a picture of my brother Randy,(my daughter Johnna was here last weekend and scanned a pile of family pictures to copy.) Strange (maybe not,) that Randy and these cards came up on the screen one after the other. He died in a car wreck 10 years ago. He was such a pistol. I feel him around me, and seems he is hanging out today. If I were to read these 3 cards as what would Randy have to say to me, it would be....

I stand at the front door, I watch over you. I am protecting you, I am as fierce in death as I was in life. A warrior, a protecter, always armed and dangerous. Where you are going is bringing up mirrors from the past, this 6 of Spades would say you are in a calmer place, and you can see light up ahead. Tread lightly, the Moon still rules your world, and nothing is as it seems. Pray, relax, wait. He reminds me of one of the howling dogs, baying at the moon. He was loud and full of life. I see all the blues and the gold in the layout, and with the Moon so strong, the only Major Arcana card here, it would say, stay put, you are depressed and wanting to break free from what you 'think' is holding you back. But wait.

Here is his picture, he was my baby brother. I love you, Randy.

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