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Friday, April 07, 2006

These are the Princesses of the Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. These chicks are the messengers of the Tarot. When it comes to getting the messages across, they get the job done. They each have their own realm to rule over, and it would be...

The Princess of Arrows, she rules the Air realm. She is the little spy that watches every move and reports the details, in living color. She welcomes changes, rushes to meet them. She has a red ribbon flowing in the wind, that would accent her passion for her place in the Court cards, and her love of being the messenger that carries the words you just might not want to hear. Sometimes her messages are one's that stir you to action, or anger, or revenge. She rules the mind, so she can play mind games like a pro.

The Princess of Coins...she is all about the money, security, and what's up at work. She has all kinds of ideas of how to improve on just about anything, and make money doing it. She loves to create, and make things happen. She is patient, and knows that money will come. She also loves books, and school. College. Furthering her education, of course, to make more money!

The Princess of Staves. She is on the go. She reminds me of the old time mail carriers, on a schedule and with her hair on fire. She will bring you messages of important news, things to act on RIGHT NOW. She is the only one of these four that is on a horse. She looks like Joan of Arc, on a mission.

The Princess of Cups. She is the tender, sweet messenger. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, and tends to sugarcoat the contents of whatever she needs to say. She may talk with art, or symbols. She hears messages from the 'other side'. She is the Channeler of Spirit. And the comforter of the four.

Each have a talent, and use it well. When they come up in a reading, it can mean many things being talked about, or discussion being placed on the table from all these different angles. Watch them show up in your readings, they have something for you to hear. Gossipy little group, they are.

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