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Friday, April 21, 2006

This is the 3 Card Layout, and the cards I drew today were from the Durer Tarot Deck. The 2 of Cups, the Tower, and the 2 of Wands. The Beloved Tower. I almost put these back in the deck and redrew. But no, I think I will just sit with this and see what comes from these three cards. The first card that stands out is the Tower. Appears two people are grasping at each other, as something they have built together comes falling down around them. A third person is jumping from, or being blown out of the top of the solid stone house. This reminds me of the Titanic movie, when they said that was a ship that would NEVER sink. And it sunk. This looks like a house that is solid, rock solid, and it is destroyed. By fate? By an electrical bolt from a storm? And it's placement in the 3 cards, is second. So, they first card is happy, they are sharing everything, they are soooo happy, and care free. Then, in a moment, everything changes. Black storms pound their life and they just stand there in shock. They make it through the storm, but just barely. Going into the next card, another 2, you see 2 lions. Has this Tower experience turned them into beasts? One of them has his claws out and is reaching for something foriegn to him. A prickly porcupine. And completely out of his reach. The other is snarling and walking away, they are not holding each other any more. They are wanting different things, and their choices are very opposite. Are the two battered posts what was left from the home, and a few scattered rocks, the left over bricks that once held the home together? I am tempted to draw more cards to see where the story is going, but not today. Tomorrow. And I will see where the cards show me the once happy couple, go. For the next 7 days, I will keep this story going. And use the same deck.
I started a Tarot Group last night at the Library here in town. Had a wonderful turnout and alot of fun! I rebooked the room for next month. So we will be meeting in the Santa Fe Room from 6-9, in the Library Center on Kansas, on Thursday evening, May 11.
I thought it funny, that out of that many people attending the class, no one had the same deck. That just represents how different each one of us is, and what we are interested in. Yet we share an interest in the Tarot. How cool.

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