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Monday, August 07, 2006

The Hermit. Number 9. This is the Archeon Deck by Timothy Lantz. Dark, artsy, edgy. I love them. Some days the airy, fairy decks just don't resonate with me. I want to go in this card and walk with him for awhile....

It's dark, lonely. Icy cold, snowy. A gate is closed behind him, the path feels rocky and uneven ahead of him. He has a heavy dark brown woolen blanket wrapped around him, and a dimly lit lantern to guide him. One step at a time. Looks like he has a cane, or maybe a shepherd's crook in his other arm. Not carrying much. Leaving it all behind, it wasn't what he really wanted, anyway. His head is bowed, he is tired and cold and where the hell is he going? He really doesn't know, just is letting life show him the way, as he gets there.

If we were hanging out together, what would we talk about? How nothing is as it seems. How he had it all, and none of it brought him happiness. Just stuff. Maybe Jesus was right when he said the kingdom of God is within you. Everything you really need is right here inside your heart all the time. You just need to run down all the flashy paths that tell you what you think you want to hear. Dead ends. He would be quiet, and when he does speak, it is with the sad voice of experience. Sad, because he would not listen to anyone trying to guide him, and now, no one will listen to him. Ha. Welcome to Planet Earth. When you finally do find the answer, no one wants to know, they think you're crazy. John the Baptist crazy. Maybe that's why John lived in a cave, alone, and ate locusts. Sounds pretty peaceful to me. If you act crazy enough, most people leave you alone.

He would tell me that it's only when you get alone, and quiet.....all the answers you seek, find you. Just appear, easy. Stop running around, thinking everyone else has the answers for you. You have the answer. You are the answer. If you stop chasing it, it finds you.
Contemplation...'to consider or ponder thoughtfully'. This is the Hermit from the Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. Love it, although it is hard to shuffle, for me. He seems to be painting, writing, and has a musicial istrument there. His own quiet place to think, wow, no tv, no traffic, no other people to distract him from his thoughts. I believe everyone needs a room of their own. Just a place to hide, think, daydream. Some may think he is lonely, I think he is happy. Has found a place full of new discoveries, knowledge, ideas. Answers. Find a Hermit card from your favorite deck and keep it with you today. Some of the new little decks are fun to do this with, just keep this card around to remind you to look for him wherever you go today. He will show up......just watch.

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