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Friday, August 04, 2006

The next card I am journaling about in the line up of the Major Arcana Cards, is the Chariot. Things with wheels. Things that go places. I am adding another image of the Chariot card below this writing, from the Lovers Path Deck, it is called Desire, and is the story of Tristan & Isolde. I rented the movie that just came out with the same title. How romantic. And tragic. If you get the chance to see it, do so. They were drawn to each other, could not stay away from each other, life took them miles and miles away, and yet they always found each other. Somehow.
If I were to draw this card in a reading, I would see it as....
Goals, travel, vision, focus, where are you going? And how do you plan to get there? What is it you desire more than anything, and how much are you willing to give to get it? Most of the Chariot cards show a person driving. If you are at the wheel of life, where is your life going? Are you giving someone else the power to steer your path? Or will you take responsibility for where you end up. Is there a plan, or just random, maybes, and then anger at what you have, right now, and whose fault it is for who you are, or where you are. Stop the chariot, and find the directions. Or rewrite the directions. Make your own map. Set a destination and go in that direction. The card is a number 7. 7 days in a week. Why not give yourself goals that only reach one week at a time. Or even one day at a time. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles, starts with just one step. Where do you see yourself in a week? A year? 3 years? 10 years? Or have you sadly given up and just feel powerless, just crawling in the floorboard and let someone else drive. And they will. Some days the chariot just stops, out of gas. Time to rest, fill up on fuel, and do an internal checkup. Trace back to what monkey wrench may have fallen in the gears, and remove it. And start over. And over. See you on the path.....hey, if I am broken down under a shade tree trying to fix my own chariot, would you stop and help me? Hope so...

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