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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Strength. See a common theme? All three of these Tarot Cards are wrestling with something. Something bigger than them, something that could kill them, something that is not like them, does not think like them, and something that takes courage to even go in the ring with.

Some call this card 'Force', or 'Fortitude'. I see it as something everyone faces every day, in some way. One deck designer calls this card 'Fortitude'. I see these people are not afraid to reach out and grab whatever it is that is their greatest fear. They are struggling to win, and the opponent looks like the battle could go against them at any minute. But, they are still fighting. Power Struggles. I hate power struggles, confrontation, fighting. But maybe this is all part of life. I really had no parental examples of anyone that stayed around and 'fought' to make things better. The path of least resistance was the easiest. Just leave. Let someone else worry about it.

I believe strength can be developed. Little by little. Facing just one fear at a time. Many things have happened to me that were my worst fears, ( and no, I don't believe that what you fear you draw to you, and it's your fault you are going through whatever it is that your 'Job's comforter' friends would squalk at you, you ask for this......NO). What if you had a tiny premention that this could happen to you someday. And what if you seen other people go through this same 'fear' and overcome it, even turn it around to be a blessing. Ohhhh, what a thought. What if we are all facing fears every day and we need each other to hold our hand and remind us that we are not alone. Ever. What if that is what these 'lions' are, a gift to remind us of how strong we really are, and when the fight is over, we feel so good about the whole mess, even though we dreaded every minute of it. I have a magnet on my frig, that is a picture of Eleanor Roosevelt saying...'Do one thing every day that scares you.'

So, getting transparently honest....what is it that scares me? The war. I have a son that they could draft. They say they won't do that again, but I don't trust them. I know many of my clients have children and husbands over there, God be with you. I hate war and don't believe it's the answer. Lets kill them and show them they shouldn't kill each other. What is that theory???? Crazy. Another fear...dating. Love, the kind that rocks your soul. Letting a man get close enough to me to hurt me. Am still pretty bruised from the last go round. Thanks for that, Roger.

On to this last card I am placing here for you to see. I love this one. She has the lion eating out of her hand. He is even wearing a necklace of roses. And liking it. The fence posts are adorned by roses, and no barb wire anywhere. NOthing to fear. She has faced her fear and even befriended it. Look how high up the mountain she is, she has risen above the fear and appears calm and serene. I like the red stone in her necklace, a ruby? Like the ruby red slippers Dorthy wore in the 'Wizard of Oz' movie? She had the power all the time, just didn't know it. Love that movie.
Watch what crosses your path today, and see what form your fear takes. And befriend it. And watch it purr.

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