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Monday, August 28, 2006

Just thought I would do a reading on 3 cards I drew at random, tonight. These are from the 'Tarot of Reflections" by Francesco Ciampi, I love them. Watercolors, soft and dreamy. Yet detailed, and easy to understand what they are saying.
The 5 of Swords, the 6 of Cups, and the Lovers. The first thing I see is the woman, beaten up, bloody, giving up. She just doesn't have any strength in her to fight for what she thought she wanted any more. The house by the lake stands out, and the children playing. Go back to simpler times. Relax. Remember what you love, ( the Lovers ) and do that. Play with life. And stop trying so hard.
Sometimes I forget that everything I need is right here. And watching a child play, can give me hope, they are so innocent and trusting. They are real. They cry when they are afraid, they laugh when they are happy. They know how to feel. They get right back up and keep on going. After a nap. Keep it simple. I also see the arms of the Lovers reaching out, to others outside the card. Share what little you have, and it will multiply. Baby steps...I think the Swords are the words that come to me that hold me back, the fight is in my mind, and manifests outward. Change your thoughts, change your life. How true. And the Lovers, remembering what you love can be hard, sometimes everything around me changes and I change. And I have to think, what is it that would really make me happy? And it is something I am surprised by. And maybe a little afraid of. But, that's ok. Play with it, and have fun. That's why I love the Tarot, it is one of my favorite things. I think I will do something brave this week. And tell you next week what it was. Bye....

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Rose said...

Hi Linda,
I've really enjoyed reading weekly your posts. My favorite is when you pull the three cards and then give explanation as it pertains to your moods, feelings and everthing else. Rose

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