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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Wheel of Fortune. Since I last posted here, my computer has
been very sick. I feel like I've been on the bottom of Lady Fortune's favorite 'top ten' list. I could go on and on. But I shall spare you. Look at the difference in the size of the man and the woman on this card. Not fair. And He is fully clothed, even wearing boots and a hat. She wears a white cloth, and a wide, festive red ribbon in her hair. Naked, confident, trusting, open. He seems to be grasping her hand, as she lifts him up, higher on the wheel. A beautiful chocloate butterfly flits over the scene. Announcing change....can be a good thing. Maybe rocky, may land off target, out in the field. May accidently land right where you want to go. She is not the enemy. She is the change that comes constantly to each of us.
I remember hearing once, that if you can learn to thrive on rejection, you have it made. I laughed, and thought, how true. I believe change is another given. We all change, I call it evolve. Or we should. Those that are stuck in the past, will never pass the tests life sends us, to help us remember who we really are. We are powerful beyond what we know. We have the ability to change our selves, change our world. I think it is true, that when God put Adam to sleep to take his rib to create Eve, he never woke them up. We are still alseep to what we can really do. And Lady Fortune, Ms. Change herself, spins the wheel to toss us into life. Ready or not.
What do you think you are here for? To keep things the same as yesterday? NO. To create, to sing, to dance. To laugh and embrace life with all it's ups and downs. Enjoy the ride.....

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