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Thursday, January 22, 2009


Some readers of Tarot, love to have the good old Celtic Cross layout, as the only 'real' way to read the cards. Not me. I have tried about every layout 'someone else created.' And must say this is my very favorite. 3 Cards. Maybe 3 more cards, and then 3 more cards. But, let the cards tell the story.

Let the story, tell you the story. Trust it.
Sort of a Tarot Improv.
Don't have a category it must fit in. Don't have just one meaning that card could mean. Just sit with it. Let it float up. It will tell you the story. Have fun with it.

I randomly drew these 3 cards from the Alchemical Tarot by Robert Place. Love his
precise artwork, symbols, colors.

Knight of Vessels, Temperance, Knight of Swords

Softly gaze on the cards...let one image stand out....let the story come...

I see the Knight of Swords, he is in full battle mode. Looks neck and neck with a mean dragon. See the bones of the last guy that jumped that dragon? His face helmet looks like an undersea headpiece. He dives right in. Loves the fight. And his shield, gold, a fierce lion's face glaring at the enemy. Right on top of the dragon, going for the jugular. The only bare skin I see is his hand, gripping the heavy sword. Doesn't show much, skin, emotions, plans. Just passion, and commitment to getting the job done. The man to call if you need someone to fight for you. He is hungry, zealous, professional. Loves mind games, challenges.

Moving to the other Knight, he draws my attention. Both are Knights....equal in rank. This Knight of Vessels has another way to fight his battles. The, kill'em with kindness way. He seems to woo the fish to him, befriend the little fellow. Show it the pitcher, isn't it pretty? Next thing you know, he sweetly gets the fish to joyously jump into the pitcher. He did have to wade out into the water, but not much. And the whole picture is one of calm, clear, quiet, except for the lapping water on the shore. Like he knows how to catch the fish, by thinking like the fish. Gentle, kind, funny, a sweetheart. Accomplishes the goal. Easy does it. His mantra.

In the center is the Lady / Angel Temperance. Barefooted. Out in the wild with only a red gown and cape to protect her. She holds a silver chalice, she has the look of confidence, another chalice mirrors the first, upside down. The path behind her shows how far she has traveled, her experience, her wisdom. And the terrain of the jagged mountains in the far distance, rough, she has scars. Now, standing on the tender green grass, of the mountain top, she calmly poses. Shows us the blooming flowers, 2 colors, red and white. Colors of healing. The clouds of smoke that surround the flowers, pale blue and pale pink. Male, female. Blended into one. Working together. Manifesting blooming flowers. Out of thin air. When I look at the dark pink area behind her, I see it as a shadow, of the mountain she stands on. Gestalt here. Each one of us could see something different. So, she has had to face her shadow, to climb to the top of that mountain. Ah, the shadow lessons. 'You will NEVER see ME do that.' Yeah...you just signed up for the lesson. Join the rest of us humans.

She is also the only Major Arcana card here, the others are Minor cards. No less important, just different in placement. She has gone further, knows more. Says less. Just lives it. Doesn't fight it. Knows it will all happen in time...let time pass, trust it.

If you were sitting in front of me, and these were the cards you drew....here is what I would tell you....

You have 2 ways of accomplishing your goal. The easy way, or the hard way. You can have whatever you desire, time will bring it to you. Why not enjoy the scenery while you wait. Or not. You want it 'right now?' Jump on it...but you may lose some sleep fighting the dragons that go with the battle. Is it worth it? Maybe. Depends on what you want. Example here, say you want to lose weight. So, do you attack the goal? Sign up for gastric bypass, order some program from an late night info commerical, max out the credit card, sign up for a gym membership you never use. Or, do you take the time to journal, maybe pray, ponder, why you choose to eat the foods you eat. How you can gently love yourself and let go of the weight. Walk a little more, move a little more. Baby steps. Find the reason under the weight. Listen to it. The weight is protecting you from something, what would that be? You can attack it, but unless you know what the dragon is, how can you slay it?
Lady Temperance says, time is on your side. Face the shadow, walk through it. Befriend it. Even love it. Then watch it melt away.
And watch the weight melt away.

Just 3 cards have so much in them....let them tell you....

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