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Friday, January 30, 2009

Who is this woman?

Using writing prompts from this beautiful Empress, Corrine Kenner. I was drawn to the page, 'Character Sketches', in her book Tarot Journaling. My copy is quite worn out. That just means I really love it. And I do!!! She has another book, 'Tarot for Writers' coming out the first of February. I have already pre-ordered it. Yes, I have all the books, and all the decks. Can one have too many? No. !

Imagine, I am a writer for some really, snazzy women's magazine. And my assignment is to find an amazing woman to write about. Well, I wouldn't have to look to far away. I happen to be surrounded by amazing women. Ah, choose just one.
My editor gives me a stack of photos to choose from. Women from every walk of life. And this woman is the woman I choose.
I am to write about why she is dressed up, as she is in this picture. So, if I were to meet her for coffee at Starbucks this afternoon to chat....this might be what you would hear, should you be evesdropping next to us.

It's so nice to finally meet you! This is the most interesting picture of you...can you tell me some personal things about yourself, and why you are dressed up like this in your picture?

I would love to....my name is Emma. I will not tell you my age, as I feel ageless! Like I have lived forever, and will always be here! I live in the country. I love to be surrounded by gardens, flowering gardens. Animals, baby animals. I have a big front porch, with a swing on it. I have coffee there, watch my grandchildren play. If you were to come to my home, you would feel so comfortable, you would never want to leave! I love to cook, and I would feed you healthy, nourishing foods. And fresh baked apple pie. You must have dessert!
I am married, very happily married, with a house full of children, grown and tiny. I am thrilled with each new baby that comes into our family, a new gift from God. And the wisdom of the children, they are the teachers. We need to listen to them. Not train them to be like us...we have it backward. My favorite things would be my hot tub, outside on the deck. Surrounded by trees, stars at night. A glass of wine....my husband....I am a happy lady! I also do interior designing. Keeping a beautiful home is one of my favorite things. I have a group of girlfriends. We get together, once a month or so. Have lunch, listen to each other, are there for each other through whatever we may be going through. And my church. That is my safe place. To have a haven to run to, when I am worried about my family, I need my church. I have worked outside my home, but really don't like to. I love being home to do my freelance jobs. I really enjoy taking naps in the afternoon. And having quiet time to read. And write. I want to be ever available to my husband, or my children, should they need me. My joy comes from seeing them happy. As a mother, my rewards may seen small to some. But, for me, it is the best gifts life has to offer. Special memories I treasure....making my daughters wedding dress and veil....arranging her hair right before she walked down the aisle...my husband, his tummy full, his heart happy, holding him through the night. Listening to him, loving him.....the last time my oldest daughter came to visit me. She came up behind me, hugging me, said, I really have missed you, mom.......my son, seeing him smile, eat, sleep, knowing he can tell me anything, and I never judge him. I would do anything to protect my children. And the grandchildren...how can you love those little faces any more? Your heart just expands bigger than you imagine.

The reason for the picture, I was playing around with my girlfriends, we were dressing up, and I choose this ensemble. The red dress. Power color. Passion, blood red. The golden, sequined top, a shimmery piece of art. The light catches the sequins, and prisms of colored lights shoot out everywhere. The playful face under her chin....sticking it's tongue out. Life is just a hoot. Play with it. Take nothing serious. The bronze helmet. I do not choose to hear the bad news about the world. Or the what ifs.....I have been knocked down by life, and I have fought, fiercely, and won. I am still standing. My one arm appears to be going right through the wall. And it is. Nothing is a wall for me. I am a mother. I can to miracles. And I do them daily. And, the little person in my other hand. My children. I see them as adults, fearless, happy, arms wide open, embracing life. Needing nothing but what I have taught them, and knowing I still and always will hold them in my hands and heart. I must say, being a wife, and a mother, and a grandmother, has been the very most rewarding job I have ever had. I do not regret one single moment of this journey. The hand the rocks the cradle, truly does rule the world. Remember that.....

Each Tarot card with all the different images, colors, style of clothes, you name it....will mean something to you. She is my card for today. I think I'll wear red lipstick just for her.....

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