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Friday, January 16, 2009

Using the writing prompt...'Love Letter Story,' what story would these three cards tell?
I see the older man, in the center card, dressed in vivid, colored clothing, even a bright gold scarf wrapped around his head, accenting his wise smile. He has it all, and never takes it for granted.
He is the man with the 'love letter story.' And he has never told it ever before. Just kept it hidden away in his heart. It is precious, he is saving it for a very special time. So the story will be honored and remembered, and cherished.

The first card tells the story, the third card tell the where the story goes. The second card is the heart of the story. And here is the story....Linda's version....!

It was as though an Angel brought them together. No other explanation would do. She from one country, Paris. He from Germany. It was war, not the time for love. Be prepared to die, not live, or look up one day from the morning newspaper, in the local coffee shoppe, to see the face you know that you know. It has always been in your heart, almost as though you have looked in every woman's face, untill now, and today, you have found what you didn't even know you were seeking. How do you describe it? There are no words to describe it. Home. That is the word. Your heart has found it's home.

From where he sits today, he loves to go back in his stack of cherished memories...see her for the first time again. And again. And the love letter? He wasn't really fond of putting his thoughts, or feelings of her on paper, how does one do that? But, before he left her country, he did it, wrote one letter, made sure she was to receive it after he was gone. He left the choice of staying in touch with each other, up to her. Being realistic, knowing he may not be going home, he wanted her to know, how very much he loved her, and if he did make it through this horrible war, he would find her. If she wanted to be found. She did write, and pray. And love him. And later, he did find her, and take her home with him, as his wife. She kept that letter, with all her most valuable things.

One day their son feels he has to give up, on his love, for circumstances take them down different paths. He thinks his father would never understand the tears he cries inside his heart, how could anyone understand? Mother gets the letter, quietly hands it to father, who takes the son outside to the garage. Time to talk. He reads the letter to his son, and tells him the story of how impossible it seemed that he and his young, beautiful, Parisian love would ever find a way to be together. Yet, an Angel was always there to guide them, give them hope, and signs, they would be together. And they were. Pass on hope. Tell of the path you have walked...leave crumbs on the path for those you love to follow.

Someday, the letter will be passed to the two sweet, granddaughters. When they despair of love, and miracles, and Angels. A letter, just paper and scribbled words, hold precious gifts. Family. Hope. Love. That little love letter, lives on.

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