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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Using the Writing Prompt...'Double Dare, finish the story. Start with: She said
I double dare you.....'

I drew three cards from the lovely Llewellyn Tarot, probably my all time favorite deck. These are the 3 cards I drew.

The Ace of Pentacles
The 5 of Cups
The Three of Pentacles

She said, 'I double dare you to put your money, every dime you have, every dime your mother has,
on your crazy idea for that business, you keep talking about.'
He had, had the idea for a long time. Just simmering under all the daily stuff that seemed to
take up space in his head. She was over the whole, what if, fear thing. Well, what if you
lose it all. What if you have to pay back everyone you know for the next 10 years. So what. At
least you took the chance. She believed in him. Well, truthfully, his apprehension wasn't unfounded. He'd taken chances on a couple of his ideas, and lost the farm.Well, lost the savings.
She didn't care. He was a man before his time. An inventor. High on life, full of ideas, or singing the blues, and bemoaning the path destiny drug him down.
Where was his, enthusiastic leap into the unknown, fearless, what the hell spirit? It was there. And the 'double dare' challenge just
put the fire under his sweet tush. Start with 3. Just 3. Three clients, then decide. Or let them decide. But do it. And he did. And it worked! Well worth the wait, rocky road, and the push from her. Ah, a happy ending.Now he's writing books on how to do it. And she just smiles, knowingly.

If you were sitting right in front of me, just saying, tell me something. Anything. The dreaded 'general reading.' And I drew these 3 cards for you. This is what I would say....

You have the sweetest opportunity for taking a chance to make some big money. An offer is coming out of the blue, to you. At first, you will be giddy, seeing previews of your new life, full of new toys, and new adoring friends, and shiny diamonds. And....then the reality hits you. You tried something like this before, and it seemed good, but you hit the wall.
Will you be willing to take the chance and try again? Can you go back in time and see where you need to correct yourself? I say, take the chance, but give it 3 months, take baby steps. I see that spiderweb, fragile, yet bravely waving in the breeze here. This can call for precise, delicate actions. All you need is one step at a time. Don't expect to get whatever you are shooting for in one month. Just relax. You have this great Ace, a Powercard!!!! Keep it up your sleeve for when you need it most. And stop crying over things you could not, or cannot control. You have you, believe in you. See the money, it is stacking up beside you. As you are working your plan. I love the quote the Prophet said, 'work is love made visible.' And it is. And the money will be there!

And you won't even notice, as you are having a party just doing what you love. So, do it. Just do it. And you can give your card reader a great tip today.

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