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Monday, January 19, 2009

Using a writing prompt, to tell a tarot story, is 'Gypsy'. My deck of choice today is the Universal Fantasy Tarot by Paolo Martinello. Sci-fi, vivid colors, and can really stir your take on the cards. Just go with it...this is a really artsy deck. I love it.

'You are in a bus depot in New York. A gypsy appears out of nowhere and hands you this card. It is the 4 of Cups card.' See 7 things on this card, and tell a story.

a man trying to sleep outside
a cold, dark place with naked trees
an angel? a devil? offering him a golden cup?
rich, thick purple blanket
beautiful sword sheathed
layers of clothing, cool leather outfit
his pose, almost fetal, defensive

Using the 7 images that appear on this card, a story begins:
.......It almost seems impossible for me to go back to that split second when.....

my phone rang at 4 in the morning. A night I will never forget.

Randy had called me several times that week. 'Let's go have a steak dinner. Now.' I was busy working. Said, wait a few weeks, my job had me tied up 6 nights of the week, for 6 more weeks. Later. Wait.
I was sort of proud of him. He had just gone through a stint in jail. Selling drugs. Was set up by someone he trusted. Just seemed like an easy way to make fast money. Is there such a thing? The offer came from a woman, a woman the thought loved him, to help him out so much. And they could split the money. What an offer. Don't worry about it, just do it. She would protect him. So, he did.

When he gets home from his long, confined, seeming to never end, room with bars, he has no where to go. Sleep somewhere, not here. Go away. So, he took his stuff, favorite stuff, blanket his sister made him, sword his father left him, black leather biker jacket his big brother (when he wasn't mad at him) gave him. And moved away. Maybe a fresh start is what he needed. But that didn't seem help.

So he thought, maybe I should see her. Jane. She must still love me. I need to see her, talk to her. Find out why she did this. Why this happened the unbelievable way it did. Must be a huge mistake. She loves me. She must. And she'll help me. I think she will.

So, he sojourns back, to where the chapter of this part of the story, began. Her house. But, before he see's her, he needs a drink. Strong drink. Feels like he needs Jack Daniels to protect himself. Just a couple of drinks. Little did he know how right he was.

Four in the morning. Who could be calling?
An unfamiliar man's voice, asks me, 'are you awake?' I am. I say 'yes.' He says, 'I am your mothers neighbor, Dan.' I vaguely remember him. 'Yes.'

These words still echo....am I still asleep, is this a dream, a nightmare?
'Your brother Randy was in an accident. Lost control of his truck, ran off the road, hit a tree. Was killed instantly.'

A cold, dark place with naked trees. The last thing he seen. But, the last place he was, was at her house. Jane' house. No one knew if it was an accident, or on purpose.

True story.

Each card has so many symbols, colors, images. They evoke deep reactions. Things buried so far down, like rings in a tree. Working with a card, journaling with it, can bring up some strange stuff. Just sit with it. There's a message for you. From your soul. Where do you think the messages come from? I believe from deep within each one of us. Our soul. And each one of us would have a different reaction to the same card. Play with them. Get to know them. Let them open up Pandora's Box. Trust what they evoke. There's no wrong way to read them.

Maybe I needed to think about Randy today. Miss him. Just need to feel it.

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