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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A girl from Moab....

The pictures on the cards, the images, the reactions they invoke from the readers, and the inquirer, are amazing. I love the Gestalt method of reading the cards. Goes deep, pulling out memories, hidden in dark corners, ready to face the light. Ready to be healed. Also, reminders of who we are, and where we are going. Or the choices on the path, where we can be going. Or not. And why.

This morning, with a steaming cup of Earl Gray tea, I am journaling on these 3 cards from the Victorian Romantic Tarot. 6 of Swords, Queen of Swords, and the 9 of Pentacles. I started writing a story that seemed to be floating up from these cards. Then I thought, this story has already been written. Long time ago. And still has the same wisdom, and lessons for any woman (or man,) out there, willing to listen. It's in the Bible, the story of Ruth. These cards depict her journey. Her personal journey. With no man in her life, to help her, support her, guide her. A wonderful mother in law, and I had a wonderful mother in law once, she was my true mother. And other images that show up in the cards, mirror her path, her story. My own version....Cliffnotes by Linda...

A loyal wife and mother of two sons, all hungry, starving, move to the country of Judah. The 'settled' there, was not there true home, and they did not plan to stay. She, displaced, of her friends, family, faith, loses her husband by death. The 2 sons marry women from that area, then the 2 sons die. From where she was sitting, she could see not light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing. Hearing there was now food in Bethleham, the 3 women gather what they can carry, and start the journey home. (the 6 of Swords card) Well, home for Namoi, but a strange land for the daughters. She decides to send them home to their family's, their faith. Maybe they can find husbands, homes, and happiness again. Bless them, thank them, just let them both have a chance for happiness. She has given up on ever finding that again. Stripped of everything she had, she lets the last 2 people in her life, her only family, go. Orpah, goes home. Sadly, leaves. Ruth clings to her, vows to stay with her, even vows to follow her faith, change anything about herself that would represent her past, become someone new. Whatever it takes.

They travel on, and on and on. Finally get to Bethleham. Namoni now calls herself 'Mara', 'the Almighty has made me very sad.' A widow (Queen of Swords, woman of grief, sorrow), and both her beloved sons, dead. One small beam of light, follows her around, the younger widow. Ruth.

They arrive at the beginning of the barley harvest. Timing is everything, don't you think? And a rich relative, handsome, no doubt, needs workers for the harvest. And Ruth, time on her hands. She decides to become a harvester. And she does very well. Gets the rich, handsome land owners attention. He favors her, protects her, blesses her with extra piles of grain, falling right on the path in front of her. ( here I must say, if men just knew this one thing about women....really. They could get any woman the wanted. Do something to make her life easier. Just one thing. Change the oil in her car....fix her front door....take the dog to the vet...get the idea? Being in her shoes today, isn't any easier than it was for Ruth, then. Many single women are widows, maybe not by 'death', but by divorce, by life. Alone, they may have a mother in law, or a friend, to hold them. But not at night. And the burden of supporting everyone is overwhelming. I wonder if she ever cried on the way to the harvesting field. I think she did. But she hid it from everyone. Got to be strong. No one likes someone needy. Act like you have it all, and you will. I do believe that. But until you do, some days you cry.)
O.k. Back to the story....Ruth asks Boaz, the handsome landowner, 'Why have you been so kind to me?' Surprised by kindness. Some days, it's just one nice thing someone does for you, and that's enough to keep you going. One nice thing. His kindness, changed her life. I think she started to dress up a bit, become trusting, even happy. And hungry no more. Acquired some curves, and he noticed. Yes.

The rest of the story, for another day, goes to the happy ever after place. But for now, she began to be happy, feel valuable, make friends. She was still humble, appreciative, honoring her mother in law. Just doing every day what she needed to do. Small gestures. Small steps. Looking in a mirror, maybe the only thing that looked different was her eyes, and her smile. That's enough. She had come a long, long way. From another culture, country, family, status, occupation, appearance. She was a different person. A happy one. And very content. That's enough for today. Bless where you are, love it. It's the right place. Watch for signs on the path, even crumbs....showing you the way, home. Love ya...

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