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Monday, December 12, 2005

As a lover of the Tarot Cards, everyday I draw 3 cards and journal what I see in those cards and how it will influence me today, and then I shall post what strange happenings the cards I drew, predicted. So, today I am using the beautiful 'Lovers Path' Tarot by Kris Waldherr. I drew....the 10 of Arrows, the 4 of Staves, and the Princess of Cups. This presents a story that goes something like this.....10 choices, which one is the right choice? I have decided I am over being single, and have joined a couple of dating sites, could this be.....10 potential men, however 9 arrows are pointing down, not the best choices, but one arrow has fallen free and is pointing to the 4 of Staves card, which is the Marriage Card, showing a loving couple embracing, reminds me of the movie Braveheart when the young lovers run away to marry by the priest by the secrecy of night. So, one choice is true, and flying right into the other card. The couple seem to only be aware of each other , and nothing else matters. The Princess of Cups stands gazing at the happy lovers, and as she waits to hear the news that good things really do come to those who wait, and wait, and wait, she holds the 'ace of cups' in her hands, and knew that the 'one' that she had been searching for was right there all the time. Hidden in the maze of the men masses, he falls, and thinking he has no hope and is really given up, he falls into her waiting arms. So, where is he? I have no clue, but I trust the cards more than the dismal facts (that all your friends seem to want to quote, to comfort you, bring on the hemlock tea.)

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