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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am fascinated by what tidbits of information floats up through the Tarot. I believe every answer to every question you could ever ask is right there in front of you. I have so many clients that are confused by relationships (include me in this box!) and seem to get caught in this circle, even though they know, logically, it will not ever work out, they cannot help but keep repeating the same dance steps and are so frustrated by what seems to be beyond their reach, I designed a Tarot layout to help clarify and understand what is going on that we cannot see. It is a spread of 22 cards, three rows of 7 cards, one for the person in question, one row for how you two connect, and one row for you. The 22nd card it called, the Gift. It is what you both got from this interaction and the key to what the Gift was for this, sometimes most painful lesson.This is a present life reading, or a past life reading, and can be about any 2 people, lovers or family, anyone you have a confusing connection with. It is amazing. My daughter Jona and I finished tweeking it this weekend, and we were playing around with it doing a layout about me and a man I cared about, notice past tense, and am completely confused about , like what the hell happened there. So, I am using this layout with some of my clients on Keen, and getting great answers for the questions that seem to have had no answer. So, I want to ask the Tarot today, what impact will this layout I designed have on my Readings? I am using the Nigel Jackson Deck, beautiful details on watercolors, and I drew people cards! The King of Cups, the King of Coins, and the Queen of Cups, and laid out a clarifing card, the 10 of Cups. What a happy trio. On a personal level, I feel it is saying I will understand the connection I have with 2 men, and be able to be at peace with what happened and even be happy. Then as I look deeper, I see a couple dancing in the 10 of Cups card, so I believe the lovely lady chooses one of the men as her dance partner, and dances into the future with him, happily ever after. As for what the cards are saying about this layout and my clients, I see twice as many men asking for the reading, and loving it, finally getting the point about what is really going on inside the womans head (and yes, there really is something there) so, it seems to be a real asset to my readings. Each of the 7 cards represents a catagory, so you get 7 different ways you are connected with the person in question and clear answers about how it will play out, and why. In doing the past life reading, it is really funny, as most of the time you are repeating what you have already done, just different costumes and props. And the dance goes on......

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