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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hot tea is ready, cards are laid out, it's cold and overcast here. I am using the 'Lovers Path' Tarot Deck again, I love the colors and how big and artistic the cards are. I have the 5 of Coins, Triumph, and the 9 of Staves. Not the most cheery layout, but I shall see what is hidden in the symbols today. I see a woman holding on by just a string, it is behind her as she doesn't want anyone to know how close she came to giving up, the whole world is behind the couple embracing, so it seems he is a traveler and has been everywhere except where she was. That 5, not too good, she is walking through a freezing cold winter storm, barely protected, holding a tiny baby close to her heart to keep it alive. And the last card, everything looks like a tangled mess, and yet if you look deeper, there are a couple embracing there hidden in the forest.Looks like Sleeping Beauty has been woken by a kiss, but she still thinks she is in a dream, and it cannot be real. I would put all these stories together and say...don't despair, embrace the cold, the snow, the path you walk alone, hold close to you the things most important and don't let go of that slender, frayed, string of hope. You are tired and feel like just going to sleep, well, just go ahead, the person, thing, gift you have prayed for is seeking you, it will wake you up when the time is right. Since this is rather a challenging message from the cards, I am adding up the numbers on these 3 cards and that would be 5+21+9= 35. This number will give me a card that will be hidden, but will be the key to this reading......it is the (how funny) 9 of staves, it was one of the cards drawn this morning. So, showing up again, it is saying,LOOK AT ME. Is shows someone being so tired, and wounded, and defensive, and combative. Yet, strength in reserve, and just enough to get through the next battle. But it is a card of taking no action, just wait. The answer is finding you, and if you keep hopping around, it will just take longer to find you. Stay put, rest, stop worrying. Prince Charming must have gotten lost, or maybe he wouldn't stop to ask for directions and is still out there lost in the blizzard. More hot tea for me.

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