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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Black coffee, the Durer Tarot Deck, and Rosanne Cash singing in the background. Today...the Queen of Wands, the 6 of swords, that the King of Swords show up, so, just for kicks, I throw 3 more on them and get the 10 of cups, the Star, and the King of Cups. Happy layout. This chic has 2 men showing up on her horizon in the next week. She has the art of bluffing down to an art, and the courage of a loiness. She wants it all, and looks like she gets it all. The sweetheart of a man on the last card, is busy listening to everyone but his own heart. Finally, he hears it loud and clear.Maybe there really is a Santa, seems this Queen had gotten to the head of the line at the mall, and Santa's lap is the place to be. And Santa gives her two big hunky choices. Instead of leaving Santa cookies and milk, I think I will make him my brownies with the Baileys in them, that should get some extra points this year.

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