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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am working with the Queens of the Tarot today. The Lovers Path deck by Kris Waldherr designed these and did such an excellent job. Each Queen is an aspect of each woman. It is the energy or intent we have at the time of the reading that shows through. Colors, body language, symbols, look at the details....you will recognize someone you know in this group.

Queen of Staves (Wands) she is the go-getter. She had great business ideas and can sweetly talk anyone into backing her. The passionate one, she knows what men want and will eagerly give it to them, and then goes after what she wants, with firey enthusiasm. She would be the friend you call when you are moving and need everything packed in an hour. She gets the job done.

The Queen of Arrows (Swords) she is the only one of this group of 4 that is laying down. she tends to think things to death, then gets into action. Her ideals are high, and she is the hardest on herself. She can be a brilliant writer, teacher, strict mother, equal companion to her husband, but you don't see her melting into a pool of tears over much. She is strong, the one others lean on, and she takes control and can do most things better than anyone else can. Or at least she thinks she can. She would be the friend to call when you need constructive critiscism. Honesty is her hallmark.

The Queen of Cups. Well, this is my world. She is dreamy, artistic, musicial, the poet. She is a great mother, and wife, but spoils everyone she loves silly. She feels things no one else does, and creates art with it. She is the tender one, the one that doesn't get the big deal about womens rights, she just wants her big sweet man to hold her and fend off all the nightmares she has. She is emotional, and feminine. Her home is a haven from the harsh world, she would be the friend you would call for a massage, or a day to run away from work and just play.

The Queen of Coins. She loves her stuff. And usually has a great job and makes plenty of money. She loves investing in land and is great with the stock market. She is a great companion to her husband, as she keeps him out there going up the ladder of success higher and higher. The kids WILL go to college, and the bills WILL get paid on time. She will check out the consumers guide to make sure she is getting the best deal for her money. She would be the friend you would call to help you get a new wardrobe on $50. She knows how to do it and look like you spent $1000. Quite the thrifty one but real, and loyal. She would be like a sister to everyone.

Every woman can be all of these Queens at any given time. Without us in the deck, nothing would ever get done. The men would be out hunting and fishing. These chic's are the workers and power behind the men. When women decide to get something done, it gets done, and now. We don't have time to waste, got to get on to the next thing to do. Honor the Queens in your life today. They need it!

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