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Monday, March 06, 2006

Before you even look at the card, complete this sentence:

Today, I learned something new: __________.

Write for as long as you need to describe something you've learned
today. It can be a big lesson -- or a small one. It might even be a
simple fact you gleaned from the morning news.

When you've finished completing the prompt, turn over the card you
pulled and determine how it's connected to what you've learned.

The __________ card reinforces that lesson, because __________.

Tarot journaling prompts are designed simply to get your pen moving on
the page. Tarot journaling prompts are quick, easy, and fun ... and
they often lead to some surprising revelations.

One new thing I learned today is a friend of mine broke up with his wife, and called me to see if I was interested in seeing him, you know, dating. I thought it funny I drew this card for this journal excersize, today. This card shows a man that has pushed his own cup, to the far corner of the small table they share. It appears they are drinking from the same cup, and have grown old together and are still holding hands and sharing simple pleasures together. I know the man that called me this morning, and I, have nothing in common. I want what the couple in this card have. This simple 'togetherness'. There is more to being a couple than just looking the part. It is what others cannot see, that defines you. And how much you desire to share your drink, or share your heart, soul, money, kids, the whole thing. I want the whole thing. I wish him well on his journey, he will find someone that wants what he wants, it's just not me.

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