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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I drew 2 cards today from the 'Tarot of Dreams' by Ciro Marchetti. His artwork is really beautiful and the cards are so detailed and colors brilliant. Today is my birthday, and I wanted to see what the Tarot would say about what this new year will bring. The Star is one of the best cards to ever draw, and she is surrounded by stars, beautiful and spiritual. She has 2 gifts she is giving and they both are filled with the colors of the rainbows, divine. The Knight of Swords charges forward to conquer all anxiety and is a great 'keep your back' card. It can also represent my writing, bringing the thoughts from the Star card, placing them on paper, and sharing them with anyone interested. All the colors of blue that appear here can represent the power of speech, and a message of Peace. Nice. I had a great day.

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Jessica said...

I do appreciate how you share your thoughts and reflections as they do send a message of Peace. Reading some of these has lent the inspiration to try to view things more positively and to look beyond the immediate.
I'm glad your Bday was nice.. would have left an email... but thought you might read this sooner. sending love to you

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