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Friday, March 24, 2006

Please Listen to Me, the Magic of Unsent Letters

I love my job. Every day I get to talk to fasinating people from every corner of the world. They are all just like me. With all the varied experiences we encounter, coming here to planet Earth, we get wounds as part of the package. So, how do we heal these horrible gashes in our soul? I believe the Universe has also given us all the tools we should ever need to heal ourselves.

I hear the questions. I hear your pain...your confusion...the resignation. Is this it? Is this some Cosmic Joke? Where are the instructions on how to survive? Not only survive, but thrive, enjoy the ride, laugh, know the secret. I do not know all the answers, but I have found ONE! The pen IS mightier than the sword.

We all should have learned the art of communication, by now. WRONG. That is the bad news. Sometimes we feel like we don't even speak the same language. We wait for the perfect moment to come up to address an issue, which never does. The timing thing leaves something to be desired. And then, one little push, and out pours everything that has ever been stored in our memories through the eons of time. And usually it is not the happy memories. Great entertainment for the spectators, not so great for the person in the hot seat. And not only do we NOT get the desired result, which I think was to be listened to and validated, but we attack the very person we so wish to connect with and bare our souls to. So, then it goes from bad to worse. James Earl Jones quoted, 'One of the hardest things is having words in your heart that you can't utter.' How true.

I have found a way to speak. To scream. To whisper. To bare every deep feeling. To ask for what I need. To pray. To see visible results. It is not always easy, but I feel this is easier than how I chose to address issues, in the past. To attempt to get the person I want to talk to, to listen to me. When the feelings, the questions, the anger, the pain is right there. Grab a pen and a piece of paper. I actually buy neon colors of printer paper. Reds for anger, passion. Green for gentle healing dialogues. Oranges for LISTEN TO ME. Yellows for happy, thank you, I wish I could see you and touch you, messages. Pinks for, I think I love you. Every color can have a special signifiance, even the color ink pen or marker can add extra energy to your letter.

Write. Write every thing that comes to mind. All the unanswered questions. All the feelings, the words are colors and the pen is the paintbrush. You take the canvas of your soul and paint every emotion vividly and passionately. Once you have written your heart on paper, you visualize a bird. Any bird. Carrying your letter, tied with a ribbon, stamped with a wax seal, to the person you want to talk to. But can't. See the beautiful bird, or nappy old raven, you choose, maybe pigeon carrier, see the bird drop the letter into the hands of the person you want to talk to. In your mind, see the person read it, feel every emotion they would feel as they read your words. Then see the letter melt into the heart of the person, dissolving and permeating into their essence. Watch the face of the person, and see how they react to your letter. The shred or burn the actual letter. Release it, let it go.

Stand back and watch...within 3 days you will have some kind of confirmation from the Universe that the person got the message. Through a dream, or a phone call, or in person. This is one of the most profound ways to heal any situation. Write it out and let it go. You will be astounded at how things start changing and strange things start happening. The Miracle Zone. Try it and email me, my link is on this site. Let me know how it works for you. I know it is working for me. I think I will finish this and write an unsent letter to someone right now....try it and see. You will be astounded. Linda

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