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Thursday, March 23, 2006

This is the Fool, the first (0) Tarot Card from the Nigel Jackson Deck. I am using Corrine Kenners writing prompt on page 93, of her Tarot Journaling Book. Just love it. All kinds of ideas and inspiration for all the tarot addicts out here. Thank you, Corrine! This is the 'Your own Fool's journey'. Starting with the Fool card, I will list the Major Arcana cards and a memory that card brings to me. My own journey from there to here.

0. The Fool...I believed that if I was the perfect wife and mother my 17 year marriage would last forever.

1. The Magician...I devoted myself to being the best 'Seamstress' around, and found out what I really was, was a talented Designer also. Cool.

2. The High Priestess...Had a praying Grandmother that said my prayers with me every night I lived with her. I still remember that every night now. Thank you, Grandma.

3. The Empress...Had a mother-in-law named Constance, that loved me so much, and she taught me how to be a mother. My daughter Johnna has her figure and her spunky spirit. My daugther Anna has her hands. She lives on...

4. The Emperor...My grandfather George gave me the best Christmas gift I ever had. I was 7, and he ask me what I really wanted. I told him. He found the biggest, fanciest, most beautiful Bride doll and gave her to me for Christmas.I got exactly what I wanted! What a sweet gift.

5. The Hierophant...I got really mad at God and ripped my Bible in half. Then felt guilty, and took my last $20 and went across town, purchased another one. Was on the way home and the motor in my car caught fire and all I got out of the car was me, my purse and that new Bible. And I didn't even have a quarter for the pay phone to call for help. But I had that new Bible. Think that was an accident?

6. The Lovers...Had the sweetest lover, he wrapped himself around my heart, like no one else ever has. The joy was worth the pain. Choices...he didn't choose me.

7. The Chariot...Was terrified of roller coasters. My 16 year old son, Josh talked me into going with him on one at Silver Dollar City. We rode it over and over. Had a blast.

8. Strength...My Yorkie, Bailey died this year. I love that silly dog. I still have not gotten another dog. Still working on this one....

9. The Hermit...I am alone, work alone, sleep alone (#@^*#$@), but I am using my time wisely, writing a new best seller book.

10. The Wheel of Fortune...Moved from my hometown 12 years ago, to Springfield. Hated it at the time. Now, I believe it was the best thing that ever happened to me.

11. Justice...(karma) Had a girlfriend that hurt me beyond words. The truth always comes out. All the stunts she pulled are in a police file today. How sad.

12. The Hanged Man...An unresolved issue with my father, my not be resolved, may never be resolved.

13. Death...Sang at three funerals this last year. Family. Hard, and have not sang in public for 12 years. But, I did it.

14. Temperance...Impatiently looking for the perfectly diet to lose the weight I want off, now. Still working on this one...

15. The Devil...got audited by the IRS.

16. The Tower...The apartments my daughter Anna and her baby Avery, and my other daughter Johnna and a roommate lived in, burned to the ground, while we were all at work that day. But for the grace of strangers, we would have been homeless.

17. The Star...I got to work on Barbra Mandrell's last tour, clothes. Flew with her band to Vegas. She is a doll. Fun, fun.

18. The Moon...Where I feel tonight. Nothing seems to be working out, and when I try to force it, it goes even worse. When you don't know what to do, stop, and take a nap.

19. The Sun...Taking artsy pictures and designing Scrapbooks for my kids to fight over.

20. Judgement...Deciding to leave my fiance of 4 years, as he choose 'Charter & Coke' over me. Hard choice.

21. The World...Seeing the world through my grandson's eyes. Watching them play with their light sabers from Star Wars, and knowing they really will fight the dark side, at some time in their life. And may the Force be with them. Light does overcome darkness. What a gift, they are.

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