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Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Knights of the Deck. And this is the 'Lovers Path' Deck, very romantic I must say. These guys are the action men. Youngish men. Full of ideas and impulsive leaps of faith in fearless abandon. The Knights in this deck are called 'Princes'. They have the same meaning, and rank third in the Court card order.

The Prince of Cups. Here is the Romeo of the cards. He is so cute, charming, poetic. He is the Knight on the white horse every woman is looking for. His horse must be wandering in the sand on the beach in this card, I don't see him anywhere. He is idealistic, and a lover of life, people, animals. He would really give anything he has to make the world a better place. Loves art, music, writing, daydreaming. Wrote the book on romance.

The Prince of Wands. He is looking at this huge mound of rich dirt behind him, and has an idea he needs to do, right now. The most impulsive of the group, he tends to act first and think later. He can be the hit and run man, like in matters of love, he is right there, 100% rocking your world, then gone like the wind, and good luck finding him. Off to another adventure. Hard to hold on to, has things to do and places to go. Usually without you.

The Prince of Arrows (Swords). He is the computer whiz. And can think it faster than he can do it. He is always far away in his head, but when he comes back to earth, he is your best friend and can really talk and make sense. He is a lover that goes by the book. Not too much imaginaion here. But lets you know what he is thinking and where you are on his most important list. And you want to know what they are thinking? I would think about that.....

The Prince of Coins (Pentacles). Here is the worker. He is figuring out how to make money and alot of it. In dating, he likes the chic to pay her own way, and have a great job and cool place to live, doesn't like anyone leaning on him too hard. He will work 2 jobs to get the fancy car, and the best of the best. In love, he is slow......I mean you begin to wonder if he even notices you. Dress in green, it's his favorite color. But when he finalllllly gets around to be your sweetheart, he is quite intent about staying with the job until is is finished. Get my drift, gals? Plenty of time he will spend on you, and then back to business as ususal.

When any of the Princes or Knights show up in a reading, it means action is being taken, and the cards around that indictate what kind of action and the results. Usually these guys have horses with them, as they need to get somewhere fast. But in this deck, it shows them carrying an item to tell you what they do. I think that of the four here, my favorite is the Prince of Arrows, he is angelic, with wings and the color red. He holds a bow and arrow with a heart on the tip. He is Cupid, and he appears to be looking down on Earth, and finding the right match for the seeking single people. He will do the thinking for us, we can just show up, and watch him at work. He would be my pick today. And those white fluffy clouds around him, just make me want to go back to bed. It is Sunday, the day of rest, you know. Maybe a nap later.....

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