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Saturday, March 04, 2006

I want to talk about the men tonight. The Kings of the Tarot. This is the beautiful Lovers Path Tarot by Kris Waldherr. 75% of the questions I get ask during a reading is about a man. And we all wonder, what are they thinking and what are they feeling. News flash, girls, they are not anything like us. Not complex, not mysterious, pretty much what you see is what you get.
The King of Arrows (Swords) rules the Air realm, the brainy man. He can talk as much as you and beat you at Scrabble. He can fix your computer and knows how to fix everything else, maybe not do it, but knows how to. In matters of love, he can read your mind and get right to the point. No waiting around for him, he may think about it, but he will outsmart all the other men if he wants you and surprise you with his wisdom.
The King of Staves (Wands) rules the fire realm. This is Mr. I wrote the book on Sex and want to now demomstrate how I did it. He is impulsive and sweeps you off your feet with coming after you. Steamy and touchy, this man has that swagger that draws women like flies. He is sweet in small doses, but he is always wanting adventure and fun, every day. Hold onto your socks, and every other piece of clothing, he can really be a charmer.
Ah, the King of Pentacles. This man loves his home, his stuff, his woman. He may take forever getting around to telling and showing you how much he loves you. But, WOW, the wait is so worth it. He is a workaholic, and saver. He will always have the money stashed away for that rainy day. In matters of love, he is the most dependable man of the 4 Kings, maybe a little boring, but always there. Give him points for that.
Mr. King of Cups, the Mystic, the Artist, the Musician. He can weave poetry around your soul so softly that you don't even see it coming. He is the tenderest lover and sweetest friend. He can get moody and need you, maybe a little more than the other kings, but it is so endearing. Everyone needs to be needed. Puppy dog eyes this one has. Watch your heart, he will steal it so fast.....and treat it with tenderness. My money is on this one.
During a reading your man may come up as any one of the Kings, not depending on his birth Astrology sign, but the energy he is in at the time of the reading. Everyman had the qualities of all 4 of these men. Just think, four in one, what a deal.....

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