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Friday, March 03, 2006

This is the Archeon Tarot deck created by a very talented, artistic, Pisces man, Timothy Lantz. It is so vivid and deep, I love it, so I am using it today to see what the cards have to say. The 8 of Pentacles, the World, the 7 of Pentacles. First thing I see is that both the people, a man and a woman are looking at each other, and a huge tree ablaze with color is right between them. He is busy working, getting his job done, whether it is a days work or this lifes work, he is completely focused on his job. She seems to be embracing the pentacle she is holding, leaning into it and looking intently at all the other pentacles on the tree. She has accomplished much and is very 'into' whatever she does, she has passion and has focused her passion on her creations, of art or whatever she loves. They both have much in common, this kind of reminds me of how the lovers card is, a man and a woman with the tree of good and evil in the garden. I think both these people are so caught up in what they do that they have forgotten anyone else is even around. All work and no play. I love the shade of blue in the sky on the World card, it says, look up, and enjoy the view. You have accomplished much, stop trying so hard and take a walk in the park. Be tempted by the Serpent in the Tree, the weekend is here, so enjoy it. I think I will....

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