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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I drew these 3 cards from the Durer Deck tonight, I am just playing around with the cards and wanted to see what they say tonight. Doing the reading method of 'Best, Worst, and Spiritual,' these are 3 ways to interpret this layout.

Best: Even though is seems she is doing mundane work, this lady has a brilliant idea that she is nurturing, and in time she will be head of the company.

Worst: She feels like Cinderella, always the one left to do all the work. Finally, her chance to really show how talented she is comes, and she is too afraid and pessimistic to really leave her safe little spot.

Spiritual: Waiting and trusting that all things come to those who wait, she knows that when the time is right, everything she has visualized will manifest, perfectly.

Patience and focus seem to be the theme here, and recognizing when the answer comes, it may not be what you think it will be, it just might be better. Faith......

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Blogster said...

Well now, ##NAME##, I'm holding you personally responsible for making me think today. I really wasn't planning on it! I was lurking around Blogspot for stuff on Teacup Yorkshire Terrier and I ended up on your blog. More specifically, on your post ##TITLE##. I figured I could get away with out thinking at all today, but along comes your post! Can't say I agree wholeheartedly, but against all odds you got me thinking! Thanks for the wake-up call ;o) .

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